Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Office Space

Well, not really office space, it's more of a living space issue. I'm still adjusting to life at The Closet. I spent some time last night moving stuff around. Looks like the fridge will serve double-duty as more of a pantry as well. I'm moving things around to be more efficient and workable for me. I have to acknowledge my own habits and tendencies and find solutions that work for me that allow me to keep the clutter tiger at bay. In a space this small, a stray anything says clutter and makes my living space less peaceful.

I have not always been decluttered or even a decent housekeeper. For years, I was horrible at it - not understanding the connection that it had to me and my peace of mind. I had so much stuff that no one could possibly keep it all organized and smart looking. One of my first steps to slaying this dragon (at my old home, Reata South) was to move my work clothes closet to the coat closet. My tendency was to come home from work and just start peeling off hose, heels, and business suit and leave them where they fell. I finally got smart and put my closet right at my front door - at least things got hung up! It was one of the smartest things I ever did - it helped me break a bad habit and started the change in behaviors.

Last night I went back through all my big-girl paperwork and organized my files. I've got some adult goals for this month - getting my will, POA, living will, etc signed (appointment on Friday) and getting all my paperwork together and get it to Meg for my formal financial plan. I'm feeling a bit wonky with moving into the new place, the vacation, the wedding, etc. I am looking forward to when things get back to whatever normal turns out to be this year.

Got in gym time this morning. Slept for SEVEN hours last night - yee haw! Look forward to having a great day today. I harvested some of the spinach from the garden when I was at Bick's on Sunday and made myself a spinach and egg-white omelet for breakfast this morning. I don't know that the garden and all the glorious brussels sprouts will survive this week's deep freeze. Unfortunately, the sprouts weren't ready for harvest and I don't know that Bick has the want-to to cover things up this time.

Totally off-topic: Technical type question - I get comments sent to me as emails. When I reply to comments, do you actually get them? For example, I did a lot of replying yesterday, but I am unsure that it actually works. If you got an email reply from a comment, please let me know.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Recognize your tendencies.



  1. I got nothing....

    I live in a very small place myself. It's hard not to feel like the walls are closing in sometimes.

    Sounds like you are getting comfortable in those Big Girl Pants.

    Good for you!

  2. I didn't get anything - I've doing the same thing, and sometimes the address for the person I want to reply to comes up as "no-reply@blogger.com" (or something to that effect) and those people don't get my email. Blogger is strange.

    Seven hours sleep? In a row??? Niiiiice!

  3. I hear you about the clutter. I can't stand it either. It's big a big topic of argument for the last 21 years in my marriage. It doesn't bother him, drives me up the wall.

    About the comments and replying. What I've found is most bloggers don't put their email in their blogger profile, so if you reply to the comment is goes to the noreply-comment land. Meaning it goes nowhere. Makes me crazy because I'd like to respond to people.

    I haven't figured out if people don't want to be bothered or they don't know about adding their email to their profile. Probably some of both. :)

  4. Decluttering my sweet, but mini apartment, is one of my big projects for this winter. I'm making headway but it's slow. I think of it like losing weight, my other big project. It starts slow, but if I keep at it I will see results. I got your comment yesterday. Thanks.


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