Saturday, January 23, 2010

Puppy Power

For a refresher course, I'll give you this link. These are pictures of The GrandBeast, Pebbles' 145 pound dog. He is ill, but is doing better than expected on some new medication. He's still very happy and very active but because of his medication schedule, requires dosing about every four hours. So this means that tomorrow, The GrandBeast is making his first foray to visit GiGi at The Closet! Pebbles and Slater are meeting The ExBubba for lunch as The Ex is give Slater all his snowboarding gear - the newlyweds are heading to Utah for a snowboard trip (I wonder if they will ask me to keep TGB (money is on yes!). Then it's hanging out and dinner with me, so the dog will be dropped off when they hit town.

TGB had been a part of a rather shaky custody arrangement with Guy, Pebbles' former, as he worked from home, had a fenced backyard and another dog to keep each other company, but things have changed and Guy isn't at home as much and is understandably tired of being tied down with most of the day to day stuff. Guy's been a real trooper through all of this and he and Pebbles have really tried to do what was best for TGB. Anyway, work is work, and Guy's work is keeping him away more and more, so TGB is primarily with Pebbles and Slater. And I expect, me. I did talk to The Closet's management and said this was a possibility and was given the okay without any sort of deposit, so there you go. I THINK there will be enough room for both of us in here!

So I'm planning an afternoon walking in the park with TGB. I don't know if he's ever been on an elevator, so we may end up walking down through the parking garage. We'll just see how it goes. I tell you one thing - if you want to meet people, TGB is the lure, for sure. He's so huge that people do stop and take notice.

My weekend is sort of off to a rockyish start due to poor planning and lack of good follow-through, but I'll just do the next right thing and move right on. I'm going up to Bick's to meet up with some friends of ours for lunch and then we are all going fabric shopping for some drapery material for Bick's new curtains. The wife has agreed to sew up some simple drapes, if Bick can find some material he likes. Bick in a fabric store - someone should sell tickets!

And did you know that the first three seasons of The Bob Newhart Show are available on HULU? I did watch a couple of episodes last night - the clothes and decor are frightening, but the writing and the jokes are still just as good. Loved it.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Walk your dog. You'll both love it.



  1. Wow, what a lovely dog. And he's huge. I used to have TWO Great Pyrenees and they sure take up a lot of space.
    Have a great weekend Roxie!

  2. It will be fun to have TGB around - and you are right, dogs are great ice breakers when you're out in public! Glad to hear he's doing so much better, too. Have a good weekend, Roxie!

  3. I LOVE hulu! I also love that you are a GiGi too. It is so much better the grandma.

    Have a nice lunch. Good luck at the fabric store. Sounds like your going to be popular in the neighborhood. I hope you both fit.

  4. So glad to hear TGB is still doing well since his diagnosis. I've been wanting to ask, but didn't want to raise a possibly sad subject while you've had so much on your plate lately!
    I envy you the dog walk, as much as I love walking any of all the time, there's nothing quite like sharing it with a happy dog - and nothing on earth is as happy as a dog exploring a park! Will you be able to take some more pictures for us?

  5. Yay! TGB can be your "Man of the Hour", lol. It will be fun - I love a little diversion.

    I'm out of the loop, I guess. I haven't discovered HULU, but I will check it out. I love The Bob Newhart Show. My dad used to say Suzanne Pleshett reminded him of me. I wonder what that meant?

    I hope your weekend ROCKS!

  6. Hi Roxie - What a great looking beast! He's adorable, and I can really tell he's a good person! My dog is one of my favorite people too.

    Thanks for the tip about Hulu and TBNS - it's one of my top 5 favorite TV shows of all time! The best. I never cared much for his newer one, which of course is the one on reruns on cable channels now.

    Thanks for reminding me that I'm not the center of the universe! So true - and how I can consume myself with thoughts of how people will be discussing my form for months after I appear in a bathing suit is a tad egocentric! In AA they call it being an egomaniac with an inferiority complex! Yep.

    Have a great time with TGB>

  7. I just love those pics of TGB. I'm glad he is doing better. But it's hard to imagine taking care of a 145 lb dog. His poops must be as big as Buster!


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