Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Morning Sidewalk

Drug out the yoga mat this morning and spent some time getting a good stretch on. Yummy! Headed off to the gym for a walk on the 'mill.

I'm now learning that I cannot spend too much time in the STBX - too much caffeine! May be a contributing factor to my sleeplessness. Plus, too many debits! So I may investigate getting internet service piped into The Closet. No cable, though.

Had a nice day yesterday. I needed to run out to Reata South (Mom's) to get a drill to use for hanging the drapes. Ended up having a low-key, fun visit with her and my sister.

Came home and hung the drapery hardware and the drapes. Today I shall redo it, as I didn't measure and just assumed a standard window height. If my interior designer (Pebbles) were to see the drapes a foot off the floor, she would surely clutch her pearls, and break flat out into a rash. So, I'm going to have to raise the hardware to have the curtains just graze the bottom of the sill. I'm NOT prepared to buy new, longer drapes.

As for pictures of The Closet, I still need to get the art hung. Oh how pretentious does that sound? Art! Art my ass. I've got some posters I need to put up on the walls with something other than duct tape and pre-chewed Hubba Bubba. After that's done, then I'll get some pictures taken. I'm also waiting for Pebbles to bring me her baker's rack and a dresser that doesn't fit in her place. I left all my bedroom furniture at Reata South and Mom is using it. I'm now using Pebbles' stuff, as she bought a king-sized bed. Talk about a fruit basket turnover. Right now I have one tiny closet in the closet and all my folding clothes are in cardboard boxes. Holy crap, that's classy! Oh, and another good thing that came out of the trip to Mom's was that I asked if they had an extra vacuum cleaner and so I get my old Oreck back. So now I don't have to buy one! Saves me some dough. I'm going out to Bick's this afternoon for an early dinner and to pick up a few more things to help feather this new nest.

I received a lovely invitation to join the Poolville Pagans at their church for some ceremony today, followed by lunch. I may just take them up on the offer. I know that they know about my change in circumstances. In talking with Bick yesterday, he said he had spoken with them and told them.

I've got just enough time to read a few blogs, do some strategic planning for work, get cleaned up in time to make church/lunch. The curtain repositioning may or may not happen.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Ask for what you need.



  1. Heh...the curtains in my bedroom are about an inch and a half too short - they don'g quiiiite reach the floor. Bugs the snot out of me but I can't get my husband to redo the rod (and to be fair, it is a super big window and was a pain to do the first go-round). For Pebbles' sake, I'm glad you're fixing them!

  2. Stopping by to say hello and wish you a good new year. I live in a closet, plus a little space, but do enjoy city life.


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