Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Update: The Random

Okay, the hair pictures didn't turn out very well, but here's one.

I took my shoes to the cobbler. Turned out I took too many, now I have no appropriate shoes to wear to work this week.

My laptop was eaten up by a virus and completely shut down. I've taken it to be shocked back to life.

Went with Bick as he was shopping for new living room curtains. We went to six stores, plus online and he didn't find a thing he liked.

Attended a meditation class on Sunday morning at the same church I attended last week. It was really nice. I enjoyed the group setting and energy.

Did not want to get up this morning. Bed was too cozy. I did not go work out. I will go at lunch.

Spent some time decorating The Closet. Pictures are closer to happening.

Had some epiphanies regarding self-care and self-denial. Will write about those later.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get out of bed.



  1. Love the new Do! Very sleek and slimming to your face.

    Hope you are back up and wireless soon!

    When will it be safe to post some weding pictures? I'll wait!

  2. I like the color AND the cut! Fun!

  3. Love that "get out of bed."
    The hair is darling. Bobs are so in.
    My latest revelation about self-care is that I take much better care of myself when I am not in a relationship. When I am in a relationship, I am focused more on the other person. That was quite something to realize.

  4. Response to recent comments:

    Yes, I will have access via WiMax anywhere I go(in DFW) with my boat anchor, I mean, my laptop. I'm so wanting a netbook!

    I took the advice offered here and got the appropriate hanging hardware. I paid back my neighbors who party til late in the night by beginning my decorating for the day at 8 am on Sunday morning. They are lucky I worked out beforehand!

    Thanks for the hair compliments. I will color the hair again soon and maybe hi/low light it. Who knows. I'm just glad I found a stylist I'm comfortable with. Turns out, he's done my workmates hair for 14 years. I had no idea!

    Condi Rice? Condi Rice? Really?

    As for the prior comment about the cougar. The old guy was down from the mountains and killing calves about 40 years ago. Dad took care of that behavior and I've been wagging around "Charlie The Lonesome (And Dead) Cougar" ever since. I don't love it, but damn, it's a family heirloom. Whatcha gonna do?

  5. The hair is very chic. I love it!

    Can't wait to hear the epiphanies.

  6. Wow! Love the hair!!!! So sleek. So chic. Ooh-la-la! And it's so great that you like your hairdresser.

    Computer crap-outs are the pitts. My mom's got eaten alive and is now at the Geeks for repair. Eeeek. Now she wants to use mine :(

    I love that you paid the neighbors back ;)

  7. Your hair looks great!

    My sons both bought netbooks with their Christmas money and boy are they nice! Much, much lighter than their laptops. I am insanely jealous but of course can't afford to buy one for myself. Not that I really NEED one, but boy oh boy do I WANT one!

    Glad you got your art hung - pictures, lady - show us some pictures!!!

  8. Hair looks great. Totally see the Condi Rice similarity in the way it sorta hangs to your left. Works really well for you.


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