Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Wheels on the Bus

I think the wheels are off the bus this morning. Rough night last night. Still with the 5 hours of sleep, then wide awake for a couple. I finally went back to bed a bit after 4am. Needless to say, I did not get up when my alarm trilled at 5:15 am. I got up at 7am. No workout. I was actually scheduled to leave for the bus stop at 7:40, but I gave up on that idea rather quickly. This was a "do my hair" morning - which I must admit is getting a bit easier. The lessons my stylist gave me certainly helped. I at least have a framework to start with. Anyway, so I just made the decision to catch the 8:26 bus - which arrived about 5 minutes late. I'm hoping the earlier in the schedule they are the closer to schedule they stay - but I guess these are the perils of public transport.

After actually catching the bus, it really is as fast as driving my ownself - especially when considering the time to either 1. wait for the shuttle from the parking lot to the building, or 2. make the hike myself. So there is not much difference in the time spent, if I can just pare down the pre-bus time.

Dinner with The Sister last night was great. Still no worky with the antenna. But we dined well. I fixed a grilled endive salad, with walnuts, roasted red pepper, blue cheese with a balsamic dressing. I also served roasted brocolli and pork chops. It was nice to have a decent meal and nice to cook for someone. Although I have discovered that I do not like The Closet's black appliances - too high maintenance! I don't mind the cleaning, but the polishing that's required to make them look nice after use is just too much.

Today's lunch class with be either spin or this - TNT (Tone-N-Tighten) – This is the ultimate resistance training workout. It will utilize dumbbells, body bars, tubing, and bands for a full body burn. I'll probably go for the TNT, since I did nothing this morning - which I think is a first since moving into The Closet. Hated to break the streak, but sleep is job one.

Pebbles is bringing me her bike as a loaner to see if I like riding a bike, so that is exciting.

And that's all I got.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Wheels off is no way to live.



  1. Oooo - a bike! I love, love biking. I wish I could do it year round. I bet you'll love it once you get your butt used to riding LOL

  2. I agree sleep is numero uno in a good day. Lack of makes for less energy to workout or even work period.
    Cool about the bike - I got a new one last summer but didn't ride it enough. Lori is right about "once your butt gets used to it". Ouch.

  3. TNT sounds great! Of course, I love workouts with fun names, so they had me with that, lol!

    Your dinner...oh, I want to eat everything. I had a grilled salad (not sure if it was endive) a couple of times at a restaurant in California - so different and so good!

    Re the TV - you always could use it as your computer monitor, and also to watch DVDs - that way you still won't have cable but will get some use out of it.

    My bike has a really comfy seat and I didn't suffer too much when I first started riding it. Worth every penny, I'm telling ya!

  4. Hope you are able to tighten the wheels throughout the day. I hate interrupted sleep. Mine is from hormonal issues so if that happens to me a few nights in a row I take the damn Ambien. I have to be able to function!

  5. I was 100% sure that TnT stood for The Nashville Network which is my workout today and I don't even like country western.

    The grilled endive salad sounds wonderful. I'll make that while I "workout."

  6. Sounds like you needed the sleep - and maybe you needed a break in the streak? Everyone's body needs a rest now and then!
    I keep thinking I'd like to try riding a bike again, but I'm not a fan of the stationary bike, so I keep talking myself out of it. If I could borrow one first, I'd definitely give it a go! Hope you like it!

  7. I slept weird, too. Woke up at 4 and never got back to sleep. Of course, now I'm all sleepy.


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