Monday, February 1, 2010

Adult Onset Athletics

I've been asked if I was always athletic. Well, I was strong and stout as a youth. Living on a farm, I was bucking bales to feed horses on a daily basis. I broke out youngsters and was generally very, very fit - in a Serena Williams' sort of way. Short, stocky, powerhouse. But I was never athletic. I did play tennis, but only doubles when pared with a rabbit, as I was/am S.L.O.W. but I had a powerful stroke that could knock a racket out of a lesser hand. And then I quit doing all of that and my eating habits/disorders caught up with me and I just got big.

Decades pass and it's 1998 and I learn a new way of eating and fairly quickly dropped 75 pounds without a step of exercise. It wasn't until mid-2004, I believe, that I started exercising and even then I didn't want to. A friend from work (TheMerryNewlywed) was dilligent in her exercise, participating in the classes offered here on the job. Her husband had just been diagnosed with a pretty aggressive form of cancer and I took up exercising solely as a way to spend some time with her and make her laugh. Yep, comic relief and a desire to be supportive finally got me off the couch. From there, I gradually came to incorporate exercise as a part of my life and dropped an additional 40 pounds in the process when I was running the most and eating the least. By October of 2006, I'd reached a milestone - a ten mile run with no breaks of any kind. Now granted, I don't do that anymore and I've picked up about 15 or so of those pounds back, exercise is now an almost daily part of my life. I have battled anxiety and depression my entire life and exercise gives me a fighting chance to keep it at bay without meds. I'm not anti-med, I just prefer to be off, if possible.

So that's my story. I've grown to love both vegetables and exercise. I've kept off a big chunk of weight for over ten years and am generally happier and healthier than I was during my twenties and thirties. If my fifties are a continuation of my forties, then they are going to ROCK.

pic taken February 2006.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Adopt fitness and health as a lifestyle.



  1. I LOVE your term!!! That is exactly what is happening to me...glad to put a name to it. And like you with your running, I have a feeling that I will peak and then scale back - but at what point the peak will be, I have no idea. The fact that you are still exercising is a testament to how you've changed your lifestyle.

  2. Funny, I was never really a regular exerciser until I started running at the age of 42. Of course I fooled around with trends over the years... step aerobics, Jane Fonda aerobics, etc. Oh, and a machine at a women's only workout studio that had a belt that you wrapped around your hips. Then you turned it on and it would shake you like crazy. Supposedly it was shaking off the cellulite - hahahaha!

  3. My sister was the athlete in the family, I was the troublemaker :)
    She still is...
    I've always loved swimming, hiking, biking etc., but I slowed right down in my 20s and just kept on gaining weight. I'm now getting more and more into the exercising as it not only helps me get fit, but I just plain feel better.

  4. I deal with D and A, too. Daily exercise is a godsend. :)

  5. You look quite dashing, standing there on those skis. Confident too!


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