Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anatomy of a Run

I decided I need a run this morning. So I went looking for my running tights. Couldn't not find them and if I've lost them, I'm going to be so very unhappy as they were expensive! I found some alternate clothing and headed for the gym.

Here's the thing about running. The first bit always hurts and your mind immediately kicks in with "I'll never be able to finish this. It just impossible." If you can manage to work through that and get your mind somewhere else and not thinking about every single step you take and how you wish you'd stretched your calves a little more, you can make it through. Concentrating on what hurts will get you No.Where.Fast. I needed to be reminded of this lesson, as I'm living in my head a bit too much. Self-analysis is a good thing, but doing it to the point of paralysis is not. I do believe that thoughts begat our reality and so I've got to get a little busy and get my mind off of lather.rinse.repeat.

So I went and aired it out a bit this morning. I mistakenly thought Spin class was yesterday, but it is today, so I'll do that today. I've also begun to create an activities calendar, as I need to be a bit more busy for a while and I need to accountable. I chose The Closet specifically not to isolate and I need to hold myself to that. I'm supposed to be building a life here, not picking lint out of my navel. So, I need a little more interaction and activity for the near future. I need to continue to work my program of recovery and just get the hell on with it.

Whew - now on to more about me and what I'm wearing today. Again with the tights, turns out I love them and am happy they come in two-packs! This time with a knee length black skirt ( and the black mid-calf black bootie things from yesterday. Another white button down shirt with an orange boiled wool zip-up, collared vest. Again, I'm wearing my black Brighton belt to belt the vest and I've tied my favorite J. Crew long, narrow silky scarf in shades of orange, red, ocre and green (thifted from Princeton, NJ) in the long style described here. I did take some self-portraits last evening with yesterday's outfit, but they are unfit for print. I did learn a few things, like how to use the timer, now I just need to work on lighting and perhaps taking the photos when I'm not quite so end-of-day-Ms.-Haggle-Baggy looking.

I could find nothing free to do tonight, so I may just take in a movie.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Be Fresh.



  1. You're so right. Getting that momentum started is difficult, especially on these cold mornings. Just spring is right around the corner and I'm already starting to feel a little more jazzed up, a little more like moving and grooving.

    Glad you got your run on.

  2. I am new to your blog and i am loving it. Your daily tales are very insprirational for me as I set off on my own 100 pound weight loss. I will be doing it with all the humor I have!!! Thanks for the empowerment. Big fan in new york city!

  3. Perfect description of a run Roxie! It's why I negotiate 10 minutes with myself when I don't feel like it: just 10 minutes and then I can quit. Of course by the time 10 have ticked, I past the bad part.

  4. We have had gorgeous spring like days the past few days. Has me all fired up. :) The sun is marvelous for that. I think winter is hard on all of our momentums.

  5. Hey, thanks for the shout out!

    As a fellow runner, I can completely identify with what you said - the first mile is always the hardest. Then you settle into a rhythm and find your flow. I've been listening to podcasts lately on my solo runs and listening to interviews or stories really keeps my mind off the mileage or aches. (I love "Run Run Live" and "This American Life")

    Good luck with the running and congrats on a 100 pound weight loss, that's amazing!

  6. Starting is always the hardest part. Once I get past 1.5 miles - it feels so much better. Then the best part is being done with all the endorphins!

  7. After freezing my butt off for the last few months, I finally broke down and bought a pair of full-length workout pants - I was tired of going from my warm house to my cold cold car for the drive to my gym. Tried on a pair of running tights but couldn't bring myself to buy them - they were just too tight and shiny. I hope you find yours, because, yes, they are spendy! Oh yeah, and running rocks...:)

  8. I love the little motivators you put at the very end of your post! They always make me smile.

  9. Roxie you lift my spirits and warm my heart. Thanks girl! And i agree 100% with you about running. Get that first mile under your belt and you own the road!

  10. Coming out from the depths to say how much I liked that phrase...."lather...rinse...repeat"
    Describes my past few months.
    Almost out of soap - but I am cleaning up nicely!
    Thanks, Roxie!


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