Saturday, February 27, 2010

Breakfast In America

"Could we have kippers for breakfast, Mummy Dear, Mummy Dear?

They have to have them in Texas 'cause everyone's a millionaire"

Well, it's not exactly kippers and I'm certainly no millionaire, but it is Texas and I'm having fish for breakfast. Not because I'm English, but because I'm cheap. Breakfast this morning is my last meal at The Closet before setting out to Dallas for shopping and sushi with Pebbles and Slater, an overnight stay with them and then on to The Alamo City for a work trip. And fish doesn't hold and it's not sushi grade, so breakfast it is.

I actually grew up having fish for breakfast sometimes. In the PNW, there is a large Scandinavian population, so salted cod in cream gravy over toast or biscuits wasn't unheard of. It's all a matter of what you get used to - and I got used to cream gravy, no matter what the other contents! I will not be fixing creamed gravy anything - just the usual tilapia. And if I putter around on this computer long enough, it will be brunch, not breakfast. Between the tilapia and the sushi later in the day, my mercury should be rising.....

Had a wonderful morning this morning. Slept a bit late, knowing I wasn't going to meeting this morning - I went last night instead. Today is the Cowtown Marathon and driving in the city until after noon is pure folly. I headed over to the gym this morning and the 5k people were running right by me on their way from the start of the race. So I stood and cheered for them, just a lone weirdo, clapping for them as they went by - and I did not care one whit. I did the same thing after my run at the gym, as the half-marathoners were running by the front of The Closet on their way back downtown to their finish. I needed more cowbell, however.

My very first race was the Cowtown 5K, four years ago this very weekend. I'll to go back and read my entries from that time - I can't access them from here. Pebbles ran it with me, which was just awesome. I'll have to remind her of that today. Her Momma can still crank out a 5K, can she? It was an amazing thing for me to complete. I was so proud of myself and so I get a good deal of joy hearing about others' excitement and experiences running their first group race like that. I'm heading over to Shelley's blog to read about her experience last night.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind others. Share in their joy.



  1. I've never had salted cod, in or out of cream gravy. But it doesn't sound like something I'd order in a restaurant. But I do love kippers and eggs (that's something the Scots eat a lot of).

    Have a great time on your trip!

  2. So glad you stood there and cheered - that was really a neat thing to experience last night!

    No post up yet - and I am at work now, so it will be a while. But I survived, freezing north winds and all!

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  4. Just a quick line to say hve a great trip!

  5. Never knew what those first lyrics were - and I saw those guys in concert for that tour (in Seattle no less)

    $ years since your first Cowtown 5K? Wow, doesn't seem like that long ago. How far you've come!

  6. "needs more cowbell' best.snl skit.ever.
    I do the same thing at the veteran's day parade...I am a maniac.
    Oh, and I grew up in N. MIchigan...We had pasties...I'm sure you know what those are.

  7. nice to meet another Texas blogger...stop by and visit...on my sidebar is a Texas Bloggers button...we've all joined in to meet other Texas bloggers...

  8. " just a lone weirdo..." Loved that part the most.
    Congrats on the anniversary of your cowtown run.

  9. Wow, what a blast from the past... I HAVE that album still to this day. (No record player, but I refuse to throw all my albums away) It was on permanent play on my player during my entire freshman year. I have many of the song downloaded now on my ipod. One of my all time favs.

    I hope your weekend was fun, and enjoy your stay in SA!!

  10. Breakfast in the America states is amazing, just like in the unite kingdom

    Did you see my post about breakfast in Poland?! It was more extreme than an XXXXX book

  11. Four days without Roxie does not make us healthy , wealthy or wise.....where you at girl??? Jinx!


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