Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grace Slick

I am so not a girly-girl - yet. The Hair, while I love it, continues to confound a bit. I think I'm doing a decent job of mastering The Art of The Big Round Brush and I'm learning to use product. What I haven't mastered is The Frizzies. Since today was not a wash day, I had a bit of extra frizz going. So just as I was finishing up my makeup, I reached over, grabbed some anti-frizz stuff and rubbed on my hair. Except, wait for it, it wasn't the right anti-frizz product. I used the one for wet hair, not for dry hair. So now I've got hair that is both greasy and frizzy looking. You want to be me, don't you?

I'm also a bit frustrated with all my clothes. My latest clothes, other than special event pieces, were purchased four years ago. I just realized that this morning as I was gazing through the Sea of Brown that is my closet. And what I've been doing is telling myself I need to get a few new pieces and then I go and buy more shoes. Which, unless I'm moonlighting as a stripper, still leaves me with nothing to wear to work. So inspired by Shelley's link to Low Fat Dressing and all the wonderful links on that website, it's time to add a couple of cute blazers/jackets. And a cute black belt. Obviously, it's my secret desire to look like Suz Orman - without The Matrix influence.

Workout was good this morning. I think yoga is on tap for lunch. I've got a bit of straightening up to do tonight in prep for Meg's arrival on Friday. YAY! I get to hand over the gavel to the next incoming prez of a professional organization, lead my last meeting for the group and then head to the airport to pick up Meg for our girls weekend. I am so looking forward to it. There will be wine. I went to the wine store last night! On Thursday, Bick and I are attending a simulcast of PHC as a birthday thing for him, which should be fun. So I'm pretty booked up for the next week. Meg in town for the weekend. I'm attending a lecture on Monday evening and then Bick and Sandy are coming into town on Tuesday to complete the birthday celebration. Plus, I was invited to a girls gathering on the following Saturday night. Dance card is pretty full - a lot to do. A bit of downtime, then I'll leave for a professional meeting in San Antonio at the end of the month. Whew!

So that's all the news on this Tuesday.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Tame the frizz.



  1. "Tame the frizz." Love that. I have to go find some frizz to tame. I wonder if I can use a whip and a chair?

  2. I love the Frizzies! I can't do that stuff either, I've never dared get any kind of high maintenance hair cut!
    I hear you on the clothes front.. when I lost all my weight and was fored to buy new stuff I bought a lot of cheap stuff in colours and styles that I wouldn't have dared wear when I was bigger (lots of horozontal stripes for one) because I just didn't know what kind of look I wanted when I wasn't dressing to disappear into the background. Now I have them plus a few bits of more expensive recently bought clothes where there was a real gap in my wardrobe and that's it, its like I feel I used up my clothes allowance and can't bring myself to buy more - so my wardrobe does not inspire me a lot of the time!
    Busy busy week & month ahead of you! I loved San Antonio my one weekend that I spent there all those years ago...

  3. Glad you like that site - I am really enjoying how she layers things...she makes summer pieces work for winter, which is cool.

    Sounds like you have a fun week ahead - maybe you and Meg can go shopping for clothes?

  4. I am trying to figure all that "grooming" stuff out as well. 75 lbs ago I sweat almost all the time, so I didn't wear any makeup. Now I learning all over again how to apply the stuff.

    I can never make my hair look the way it does after I leave the salon. Damn it! I have STARIGHT hair. I used to pay good money for frizz....lol.

    You sound like you have plenty to keep you busy the next little while. Have fun with Meg. I would love to PHC.

  5. Maintenance for guys is SO much simpler.

    Umm - my verify word? cosaying

    Is that like codependant?


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