Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In A Twist

Okay, so I "Ate The Toad" first thing this morning. 5k - knocked out. I still haven't found my running tights, so I think they may be long gone. Darn it! Anyhoo, I was at the gym with 3! other folks running this morning. Having company allows me to play some mental games with myself, using my petty self to not let others outlast me on the treadmill. Oh, they can outrun me, for sure, but I've got stamina on my side. Made the time go a bit faster. Felt pretty good. Cardio health is still spot on, didn't overexert at all. Skeletal/muscular was fine, too. No ill effects showing up so far. Will need to build up slowly over time, as I don't want to injure myself.

I've mentioned here before that I was getting the creative urge. I'd talked about sewing again or making the penny rugs, but I really don't have room for that stuff. I was trying to decide between knitting (which I sorta already know one basic stitch) and crocheting, which I probably know one stitch as well. I decided on knitting and was headed out to Michael's to pick up some supplies to knit a scarf. I'd also located (along with Shelley's help) both a knitting class and a social/textile gathering - both of which appealed.

But first, I wanted to stop at TJMAXX to run through their home decor clearance area. I'm still looking for a few pieces of something for the walls - for cheap. I didn't find any fabulous art, but The Universe had something for me. There, by itself, all alone, the only thing like it in the store, was to be my new knitting kit. Needles (bamboo), yarn (soy wool), instruction book (in very fine print) cool patterns (for a TUBE TOP!!!) along with some various and sundry other supplies. On clearance. Score!

I know how to perform the knit stitch, but I'd never learned how to purl. So last night, I spent several hours trying to purl. Because if I can drop these pesky five pounds, I'm knitting myself a tube top with a matching slouch hat, cause I'm a hipster like that. NOT.

Had a good evening, ate well. Got a good night's rest and got in a good run this morning. I am very thankful.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Don't come unraveled.



  1. Please, please, please knit the tube top! Then wear it! Then post a picture of you wearing it! I swear I would pay to see that Roxie (glad your sense of humor is intact).

  2. I can totally see you in a knitted tube top. That's hysterical.

  3. I want to see a pic too! If we each paypaled you would you do it? Have fun purling. ;)

  4. Loved what you said about "having company allows me to play some mental games with myself..."
    It's all about the mental games...the mind is so very powerful...whatever we can do to utilize it to its fullest to achieve our goals. You are so inspirational!

  5. Great score! Creative outlets help keep me sane.

  6. SCORE..! Love it! I've wanted to learn to knit for years. And what does that say about me? Hmmm! Can't wait to see this tube top. You've just got to do it, if not for the joy it will bring everytime you look at it!!

  7. Oh, Lord, I only wish I could wear a tube top again ;) What luck that you found that great kit. And getting in a knit group will be fun. I tried one here once but everyone was much younger and had little kids so I didn't have much in common with them. I'm thinking of looking for another group, though.

    Roxie, everyday I admire you more. You have such a zest for life. Can you send me some?!


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