Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Linguine Limbs

Okay, so perhaps upper body strength training coupled with BODYPUMP was just a skosh much. I think my arms are now longer and noodle-y but are incapable of holding even a mascara tube. Seriously, I really loved the BODYPUMP class and I do believe they are some kind of franchise dealio - meaning they are pretty much the same everywhere.

I did, however, use some pretty light weights. Very light, in fact, as I wanted to still be able to move today and for the rest of the week as I prepare for the challenge race on Saturday. It was that race that kept me awake last night thinking about it and awakened me at 2am for more racing thoughts. I so did not want to get out of bed this morning. I did and spent an hour on the elliptical.

Bick and Sandy are coming into town tonight to celebrate Bick's birthday at my favorite restaurant across the street from The Closet. I believe it will be my third trip there. I hope they enjoy it as much as I do.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Lift.



  1. You are the second person I've read about today with noodle arms :)

    I think it feels good (the pain) cause I know I did some muscle building.... I know... sick!

    The BodyPump must be the same as what I have access to here. I'm gonig to try out a class this week now that I have my own wheels :)

  2. From one noodle-arm to another: stick with it and we'll turn our pasta limbs into Popeye ones before you know it!

  3. Here's hoping that the mascara wand is steadier tomorrow!

    Love the title of this post! Thanks for your comments the past couple of days. I really appreciate the support.

    Enjoy your night out!

  4. I've had that noodle arm feeling - it's pretty weird! But obviously you're kicking a$$ in the work out department. Excellent.

    Have a good dinner tonight - details in the morning, please!

  5. An HOUR on the elliptical? Damn.

  6. Well mine wasn't a Bodypump class but that's exactly how I felt after my class last Saturday. Greta suggested using some arnica gel which I'm not on the hunt for as I don't want to become the ibuprofen queen.

  7. Wow! Some impressive physical activity there. You go!

  8. I have days when it's hard to lift the pitcher off of my blender - and it's plastic! Good on ya for strengthening those arms!!!

    P.S. Your book went in the mail today - bet you have it tomorrow!

  9. Seems the elliptical would work on the noodles. It has worked on my noodles.


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