Thursday, February 25, 2010


I've been putting myself to bed a little earlier these days, as getting up in the morning was getting difficult and that seems to be working. I'm a bit ashamed of the early hour, but it's still less than 8 hours. I get up at 5am but apparently don't wake up until nearly 6 when it's time to head to the gym.

This morning was a bit different. While I was sitting in my big comfy chair, drinking my first half cup of coffee and reading blogs, when the man up above me started some sort of tribal drum circle/riverdance/Beyonce Bounce. Then I heard the faint stirrings of some sort of alarm. It just kept going and going. Then the fire alarm started in the whole complex. Ear piercing. I decided since the gym was in the other (unconnected) building, perhaps it was time for me to hit the gym. I was smart enough to take my purse and a heavier coat - well I was smart enough to go back inside and get my purse and a heavier coat after stepping out into the hallway and smelling actual SMOKE! I left the building just as the fire trucks were arriving. I gotta say they were quick! I went ahead to the gym, as today is a run day.

Not a soul in the gym this morning, so I had the place to myself to crank out my 5k. I also had some time to poke around the weight room and get a little bit more comfortable. I did just one of each of the exercises from the NROL4W so that I would feel more comfortable in practice for tomorrow. I also created some very specific training logs so that I won't feel so lost as to what to do next. I also spent some time in the weight room yesterday using the rowing machine and watching a bit more intently how and what to do. (And what not to do - there was this young man, wearing the toe shoes - I think Nike makes them - where each toe is separated.) Anyways, he's wearing those things and a T-shirt that says MAN UP, got his headphones in and goes into the weight cage. Funniest thing ever - as he approaches the bar, he starts dancing. I mean seriously dancing! Hip swaying, booty shaking dancing, right there at the weight bar, wearing toe shoes and a MAN UP t-shirt. And NO ONE paid him any attention. No one cared. No one laughed. I mean, I smiled to myself, not that I thought he was silly, but because he was so, well, free. He may be my new weight lifting hero. MAN UP indeed.

Had a good evening last night. Finally did what I said I was going to do and attended a lecture after work. See, I have created this activity calendar for myself and whenever I see or hear of something interesting, I put it on there with an email reminder to myself at an appropriate time prior to the event. What ends up happening more often than not is that I just decide "I'd rather go home". And that attitude doesn't do a thing to make my life any more full. I end up doing the "same old, same old". I trying to push out of my familiar zone - I won't call it a comfort zone, because really sometimes it's more of a trap, but it's a familiar trap. So I do need to continue to do things - sometimes for enrichment and sometimes just for mere distraction. And last night I did. I attended a lecture on sustainability and environmental issues. From listening to the speaker last night, I may be turning into a thermometer with all the mercury that is in fish.

And since the move to The Closet, I've been eating a lot more fish. Thanks to a recipe from fellow blogger Brian, I've been preparing tilapia as of late. Brian gave me a recipe that called for olives and capers, two things that Bick could not abide, so when I left, I took them with me. So while I've never been particularly successful at fixing any sort of fish other than salmon, this recipe or technique is really good. Thanks Brian. Now I can take my own temperature. Sheesh. One more thing to be concerned with, I guess. Although since I'm not having any children, I guess the merc stops here.

All in all, good day yesterday, but I didn't get started on knitting that hipster scarf. There's always tomorrow. I leave on Saturday for a night with Pebbles and Slater and then leave on Sunday morning for a four day work conference in San Antonio. I come back on Wednesday and on Thursday, I'm having the "girls" over for a wine/cheese thing before we all go to an opening celebration held by the city for this development. Should be interesting. That's all the news that fits.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Run like your pants are on fire.



  1. Now that's the sort of sight that will wake you right up first thing in the morning. How funny! But what a great lesson: go there, do your thing, don't care who is watching and MAN UP!

  2. Had a good laugh at the tribal drum circle/riverdance/Beyonce bounce statement - that was hilarious.
    I've seen those toe shoes you mentioned on a website - Vibram or something like that. They look interesting and I bet it was interesting watching him do his thang and not with a care in the world.
    Helen had some really good spreadsheets for NRoL4W - I will email them to you. They helped me a great deal.

  3. That was was a rude awakening! I guess the place didn't burn down. That would have news for sure!

    Totally related to the familar trap thing. Like the idea of a activites calander.

    People are so funny. And you were worried about looking stupid in the weight room. That's what made me laugh.

  4. Fire in the building!? Holy smoke (pun intended). Glad your place came out ok.

    I wish I could have seen the dude dancing with his man up shirt. I'm so intimidated by the weight room. To be that at ease would be wonderful.

    Great job getting the exercise in. LOVE that you have an activity planner to keep life interesting. I think I might steal that idea. :)

  5. I'm impressed that you didn't stick around to check out the firefighters - oh wait, I mean make sure the building didn't burn down...yeah, that's it. ;)

  6. It's funny you can be inspiring sometimes without even knowing it...Man Up indeed!

  7. Wild caught ocean going fish can turn you into a mad hatter, yes, but is that true for farm raised fresh water fish as well?

    Biohazards aside, I'm glad you enjoy that recipe. It's a neat way to get some veggies, is off the beaten path and I just have a mini crush on Elie Krieger anyhow.

    There's a lesson in Mr. Toe shoe weight lifter too. He was out there flying his freak flag, getting his groove on and who cared? I gotta take a cue from that guy.

  8. "Run like your pants are on fire." In your case, you were speaking literally! Glad you're ok. Good reason to stay in shape, just in case you need to flee the scene quickly!

  9. "Run like your pants are on fire." In your case, you were speaking literally! Glad you're ok. Good reason to stay in shape, just in case you need to flee the scene quickly!

  10. I think he is my new weight lifting hero too.


  11. Well, I have a tendency to get carried away while walking and break out into all out dancing..but not until looking around to make sure I'm alone...
    I am sure someone in some houses have seen me...but as long as I don't see them, I'm okay. lol.
    vibrams running shoes...that is the toe shoe.
    I am thinking of getting some.
    It is supposed to stop you from the dreaded heal strike which can pound your knees into dust.

  12. what an inspiring post Roxie. You reminded me to just live life, to embrace everything about me. Its okay to be different. We waste so much time worrying what other people will think of us. Be fearless. Just be you......your okay kid!


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