Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No Coffee? Really?

I've changed up my schedule this morning, choosing to lounge around in bed until the last possible second. It's blood draw morning for a new prevention plan at work, so no coffee for me this morning. In order to make that as painless as possible, I slept late and am just about ready to hop in the shower then off for the draw.

Yesterday was a stressful day. I have a work situation going on that requires me to be my best self as the personalities involved tend to push my particular buttons. I own those buttons and it's my responsibility to see they don't get pushed. Yesterday, I was mostly successful.

Dinner last night was wonderful. Bick and Sandy came into town for Bick's birthday dinner. We went to my new favorite place and they loved it. We had a really nice time. Sandy seems to be doing really well - she's chatty and appears happy. She even brought me a couple of Valentine's Day cupcakes she'd made. I really appreciate that as she's been less-than-gracious in the past. Her Dad has said she's much more involved with him, as well. All good things. (Oh, and after they left, I had what some other blogger termed a "cupcake funeral" - into the trash they went). I still enjoyed getting them very much - it meant a lot to me, but I didn't need to keep them around to eat them. Wasteful? Probably. Waistful? Not this time.

Bick did allow that he'd made a doctor's appointment for March 1. This is his self-described first step to battle his demons. I remain hopeful, but detached. Either he will or he won't. But it was lovely to spend time with him - he was absolutely at his best - we ended up with the neighboring table over at hours sharing our smores - cuz Bick is that kind of guy. Met some lovely people and shared a few laughs. Another reason for the cupcake funeral - smores! I ate soup for dinner as I knew Sandy would adore the smores and we had to order that. She loved them! And they serve an army, hence the shared dessert with the group next to us. Turned out to be a whole six degree thing. Small world.

Anyway, enough of that. Nice evening. Time to shower and go give up my arm to the Vampires who want my blood. I KNOW there are still smores coursing through those veins.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Meet the Neighbors.



  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful evening with some hopeful news from Bick! Here's hoping it goes well on March 1.
    I admire you for being able to pass on the cupcakes after having a stressful day!

  2. Love your cupcake funeral - I've actually brought treats home when they were given to me and taken them right from the car to the outside trash can. We gotta do what we gotta do, right?

    Glad that you had such a nice time with Bick and Sandy. March 1 - who knows? Time will tell.

    Sorry about your work situ - I think one of the worst things about knowing that your buttons can be pushed is how aware and in the moment you have to be every second to not let that happen. Can be exhausting, that's for sure. Hope you have a better day today, even with the needles!

  3. We have a thing at work we call a "Button Blocker". It's a real part on a real product. Keeps an operator from hitting a wrong button.

    I mentioned that to our counselor - she suggested keeping a loose button in a pocket and use it like a worry stone. Every time I stick my hand in my pocket I'm reminded to not let anyone push my buttons.

    Love the "Cupcake Funeral". I need to have one with some Macadamia Chunk cookies. Stat.

  4. I have employed the funeral method many times to various types of foods because I know the person who gave me the food meant well. I don't like to hurt people feelings but I surely don't always need to hurt myself by sparing their feelings either. It must be the week for bad work vibes - my job has been sheer hell this week.

  5. I'm happy you had such a lovely evening. Sounds very relaxing!

    Button pushers - I have a couple of them here at work as well and lately one at home too :)

  6. "Hopeful but detached..." You are a very emotionally healthy person! Bravo. It's so hard to find detachment when we care so much.

    I've had many cupcake funerals, but didn't have such a good name for them! Alas, I've foregone too many funerals in favor of "what the hell" moments as well.

    I have a whole department with which I must interact often at work that is terribly dysfunctional and ineffective. Drives me crazy, and it's taken me a long time to learn to just keep my mouth them. I have co-workers with whom to bitch when the pressure builds!

    Hope the needle stick was painless!

  7. Glad you all had a nice time... I'm thinking I'd prefer coffee over the smores and that is saying a lot, as mama loves me some smores!! I feel for ya on the coffeeless day. ick. Oh, and I've not ever heard (or attended this thing you call "Cupcake Funeral...) Hmmm.

  8. Oh, cupcakes -
    We barely knew ye!

  9. I too love the ideal of a cupcake funeral. So long as they were appreciated, I'm sure they didn't mind not being consumed :)


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