Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ode to a Shoulder Pad and My Boyfriend Blazer is Back

Dear Shoulder Pad,

Oh, how I have missed you.

My new boyfriend jacket fits so much nicer because you are there.

Now that my shoulders are in better proportion to my two-axe-handles, I feel so much better. I look taller and I look leaner and I thank you.

Now that my boyfriend blazer is back, it's showing an elongated profile, so no more "shrunken" jackets for me. No more looking like I'm wearing clothes that came from the Munchkinland Costume Department! Finally, after a nearly twenty-year absence, a jacket that covers my ass, but with a bit more structure! And sleeves that cover my arms! No more feeling like Ichobod Crane with exposed wrists.
If I decide to scrunch or roll, I will do it! My choice! There is fabric to spare!

Obviously, I'm wearing my new boyfriend jacket and I love it! It's perhaps a bit casual for work, but I don't care. It does need a scarf or something to soften me at the neck, but I had nothing that would work. Fashion update over.

I did not go out last night, but I did stay busy. I made some homemade chicken stock so that I can control the sodium content. I spot cleaned the carpet from the post-race red wine accident and I read some more of the weighlifting for women book on loan from the ever-fab Shelley.

Workout was good this morning. I spent some time on the stair climber, which is new for me, but I liked it. Certainly a quick way to work up a sweat. Today is Yoga Nidra, or restorative yoga, which I'm looking forward to. Tonight I think I'll attend a lecture/movie on urban sustainability. Unfortunately, I think I'll drive to get there.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get Balanced.



  1. Have I mentioned lately that I envy you? I'll say it again... I'd love to try a stair climber but I've never even seen one except for on the internet!
    And the idea of a class called something other than just Yoga (for Beginners / intermediate)... ah well!
    Thanks for reminding me earlier that cookies are not my friends - you're a much better friend! and I really appreciate your support (something else I don't say often enough!)

  2. Love how much you are enjoying clothes - and shoulder pads do add some great structure to blazers - everything somehow gets balanced out.

  3. Yeah, what is with all the 3/4' sleeve crap? Especially on a coat. Why would I want a cold weather coat without full sleeves. Obviously I'm missing something. :D

    Glad you're loving your new jacket.

  4. I had to look up what a boyfriend jacket is...shows you how fashion forward I am. I still have some jackets from the 80s that I just recently took the pads OUT of so I could wear them again. As usual I am backwards. lol

    Scarves are definitely a great accessory, that can fancy up just about any outfit. I literally have dozens of scarves of all types. Mostly I got them at Ross or Sears, or some on eBay. Not very expensive, but very versatile.


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