Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Overcoming Weightfright

This morning's workout was sort of a failure. Looks like I need to have a stronger, better plan in place before attempting the NROL4W. Here's how it went down:

I've been reading the book a bit at a time since it arrived but hadn't got to the actual lifting part. Decided to read that this morning while warming up on the treadmill. I went through it and it seemed straight forward enough - start with squats, etc. I got off the treadmill, went over into the weight room (which is quite small) there was another person in there. It wasn't obvious to me how to get all the heavy weights off the bar and rather than risk looking stupid (because obviously the other woman in the weight room CARES what I'm doing), I just left. As I'm walking back to The Closet, I was asking myself "What just happened there?"

Obviously, a case of not being in control and being uncomfortable. I usually pretty decent at heading those off at the pass, but I didn't expect anyone to be in the weight room and I didn't expect the weight bar to be loaded already. Okay, so now I know what to expect. I'm going to prepare a little more for the next time. Use a little visualization - and perhaps hang out in the weight room at work a bit more to see how these free weight things work. I'm certainy comfy using "the machines", so I'll get comfy with this too. If I continue to stay in my comfort zone, nothing ever changes.

In knitting news, I spent some more time learning to purl last night. Upon the advice of a FB friend, I went out to youtube where there are some fabulous instructional videos. Seriously, if learning from a book or even a person was frustrating, youtube is your friend. You can just keep replaying it and replaying it until you get it right. Awesome! Tonight I will unravel what I've purled so far and I'm starting on my hipster, soy scarf!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Move outside your comfort zone.



  1. That sounds just like me! I feel ya, sister. I've also been reading New Rules 4 Women and have a fear of the weight room. I make it a point to stop by that room every time I go to the Y. Sometime I just stand there in a creepy stakler way and watch people work out so I know how the toys work. I've gone as far as to pick up a weight or two then leave. LOL What are we afraid of?! It's kind of funny really.

  2. Oh yeah, been there done that. I don't know how to use most of that stuff and fortunately for me, I'm going to get shown how to use them next Tuesday night. In the meantime, I've avoided going to the gym to do my weight workouts. Just beend doing what I already know how to do at home.

    And I like to wath YouTube for lessons on how to use my camera. I had no idea that kind of useful information was posted there.

  3. Somehow I missed that you're beginning to knit. I'm a major knitter - love it! I posted a picture a while back of a bunch of socks I've knitted, but I've done lots of stuff. The visual lessons on YouTube are good. Also, there are lots of other knitting video instructions for many knitting techniques that are done by knitting groups. Just google what you want to watch (add video instruction in your search) and you'll be amazed at the resources.

    I can totally relate to the out-of-comfort zone experience you had at the gym. It was unexpected and so were a bit blindsided. Now you know to expect the unexpected! Happy knitting!

  4. I got out of my comfort zone when I turned 50 . . .

    I too am guilty of bailing out of a situation when it looks like I might get to display just how much I don't know about something. It's a difficult hurdle to clear - swallowing that pride and asking for a hand . . .

  5. I've done that! Usually I'm just starting out overweight and self conscious. Or when I first started, it was because I had really psyched myself up just to get there and I couldn't handle anything else unexpected.

    Give yourself some time. You're fearless and you'll get it!

  6. I have to admit that one of the many things that has always put me off lifting is the fear of 'performing' in front of an 'audience' in a gym! The machines feel like protective cover to me; free weights are just way too visible. The only way I'd go that far out of my comfort zone in public would be if I had a mean personal trainer standing behind me with a cattle prod!!! I would think wathing other people or practising at work should help though!
    How appropriate, my word verification is 'resistr'

  7. Don't fear the weights! The barbell is your friend :D

    That was so not good gym etiquette for someone to leave the barbell loaded. Bad.... I am sure it was some meathead who did that.

  8. I can't say I've never done the same thing. I remember hearing someone say, "Hey, let's all feel good about ourselves. Think about where you were five years ago, and now think about where you are now and how far you've come. Now let's all feel bad about ourselves and imagine where we'd like to be five years from now and how far away from that we are." We all have a say in how we feel. Good luck pushing that comfort zone! It's a fun and terrifying process.

  9. Yes, sometimes we are our own worst enemy setting ourselves up for sabotage. I think you handled it quite well, and of course loved what you had to say about visualizing to prepare for future gym visits. Visualization is such a powerful tool.

  10. I think observation will really help - go in there every day after your workout and do something simple, like dumbbell curls, while you look around and watch what other people are doing. Pretty soon you'll get more comfortable with everything, and also might find some people that you can ask questions about the equipment.

  11. I think everyone feels that way when they first encounter gym equipment whether it be free weights, machines, or cardio. Just so you'll feel better: when I did NROL I actually had to carry the freaking book with me a few times each stage so I could look at the photos. Yes, I got some sarcastic looks, especially from guys but I decided hey I'm doing this for me and they can kiss my grits!

  12. Youtube worked for me with everything but knitting lol I'm a lefty what can I say. Hang in there with the weights just go in there like you own the place *smile*.

  13. Here's a knitting link that has helped me sometimes:

    Thanks for the zest, chica.


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