Thursday, February 11, 2010

Reality Check

The surprise part of the blood draw was the whole weighing and measuring thing. I was actively avoiding the scale this past week as I'd had quite a few meals out and I'd been snacky. Well, yesterday I wasn't about to explain my scale aversion to the young med-tech who was handing me the tape measure and telling me to step on the scales - all while I was dressed for warmth! So not fair. The damage? 156.6.

I decided that it was a pretty decent WI, given well, the smores. Plus sweater, and layers and a belt. And the scale probably weighed heavy, to boot, right?

So this morning I did hop on my scale to see if I was still hovering around 153 as expected. Um, no. I'm now sitting at my DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER WILL ROBINSON boundary. Well, crap.

So now I know. It's time to readjust my way back to what works for me! I've been eating more carbs than I can comfortably function on. So, course adjustment, here I come.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Don't kid yourself.

157 - the hundred pound loss threshhold.


  1. At least your early warning system works. Good on you for catching it and knowing what to correct!

    Going cross country skiing today? Heard that's an option down your way.

  2. Roxie I bet your clothing/shoes weighed at least 3 lbs. I'm not trying to give you an excuse, but still it is always worse to weigh with clothing on if you'd normally weigh without. I weighed 3.2 lbs. more at my challenge weigh in last week. Eh, I wrote it off to the clothing (otherwise I might have had nervous breakdown since it seems I'll never break my plateau).

  3. Helen, that's exactly what I told myself yesterday! The reality check kicked in when I got on my own scales this morning and weighed 157. So much for that theory! hee!

  4. I bet if you put on the same clothes and weighed yourself on your scale you would see a difference between the two scales. It's tough waying yourself on different scales because none of them are exactly the same. You know your limit though and that is good and know what to do!

  5. No matter what, it's diligence like this that has kept the weight from creeping back on, and I commend you for taking action. I'm watching and taking notes on what TO DO, so teach me well, my friend!


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