Monday, February 15, 2010


While I didn't get that massage I wanted, I do feel better today. I think I got too dehydrated, actually. Dehydration is nothing to mess around with. And I absolutely know better and did nothing about it. So I am feeling better today. I didn't exercise this morning, but I did go to a Pilates class today. I plan on getting in some cardio this evening, which I need as I'm in "Hominy Oatcake" mood, it appears.

My Valentine's Day was nice. Bick invited me and Sandy up for dinner on Sunday evening and he fixed some of the red fish he caught a couple of weeks ago. Blackened them and they were quite good. He also fixed brussels sprouts from the garden (and harvested some more for me to take home). I brought dessert and had a piece, but only one, and sent the rest home with Sandy. It was a nice event, but it had some sad parts as well.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Drink you damned water.



  1. Glad you're feeling better. Lots of admiration for your Saturday adventure. I'm off to drink a little water. Take good care!

  2. Yum, I love a good hominy oatcake. Use the Irish oats. Those are especially good and make for some unexpected chewing. Good that you are feeling better.
    Away to drink some water.

  3. Glad you're feeling better! Dehydration is awful, especially as it often sneaks up on you when you're doing something fun! I was once so dehydrated on top of a Welsh mountain that I had to skinny dip in a fresh water reservoir to cook off while I drank all the water I could get my hands on!
    Valentine's Day sounds nice, though I'm sorry to hear that it wasn't all happy.

  4. When I went to the spa the other day, the facial esthestician described my skin as "dehydrated." I was like, "what the ????" But then again, this winter has been so freaking dry sometimes I feel like a giant sponge walking around looking for relief.

  5. Glad you've recovered. Great on one piece of dessert.

  6. Yes Ma'am! I get 74 to 98 ounces.

    Glad you had a good Valentine's Day.

  7. Love the picture--craziness. Hominy oatcake??? Is this a homemade thing? Sounds delish


We'll try this for a while.