Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Days and Shopping

I pulled on my hat, coat, gloves, ski socks and pink-polka dotted Wellies and went out and about. I just got back from a walking/shopping trip to the FINAL CLEARANCE rack at Marshall's. Total damage? 34 dollars and some change. The haul? One boyfriend blazer (black with a purple paisley lining), two pairs of work appropriate pants, one white button-down shirt, one flouncy long skirt (FOR A DOLLAR!), a vest for layering and a very springy, flowy, dressy blouse.

Now to wash the clothes I already own! Laundry, here I come.

It's still snowing here like crazy! It's been a long time since there's been this mu ch snow in this part of Texas. I think we'll see a foot or more before this is all said and done. The scary part is that all this moisture is gonna freeze tonight. Slicker than goose poop around here tomorrow. I will want a snow day tomorrow when it will actually be treacherous.

Food today is on track. Because of my binge/compulsive eating history, I do not try to restrict how much I eat. I tell myself that I can eat as much of some foods as I would like - if I get restrictive, I get crazy. It's only the kinds of foods that I restrict, not the quantity. And truly, who really goes overboard on broccoli? And if I don't want broccoli or grilled chicken breast then I'm not really hungry. It's just a little mind trick that I have to play on myself from time to time to get/keep myself on track.


  1. 'goose poop' that'll make me smile allll day. :)

  2. Wow, what an awesome haul! I need to go shopping with you - sometimes I take a look at the clearance racks and get so overwhelmed I can't even begin to go through them.

    My kids are LOVING the snow, esp. since they finally closed UNT. Glad you didn't have to drive anywhere but could still get out.

  3. I love a bargain and you found a great one! Yay!

  4. Great trick! Especially about the portion sizes.

  5. I play similar mind tricks on myself.

    That as a great shopping trip! I need lessons!

  6. You and Pebbles look so pretty! Slater is most handsome, too. Great pictures!

    I wish we were getting some real snow. It's been raining steady so now I have a lake in the back 40. I hate it, the dogs love it.

    Hope you get a snow day - stay warm.

  7. Great shopping trip, lovely pictures of you & Pebbles.

    Stay warm!

  8. That's quite the haul you got there Roxie - I have to be in just the exact right mood to go through clearance racks.


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