Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday Mishmash

Random Tidbits, in no particular order.

1. I am being slothful this morning. Pebbles is coming through town, so I'm meeting her for an early breakfast today. Always a wonderful way to start the day.

2. Since I am usually at the gym during this hour, I had no idea that I live directly under Big Foot. Obviously, the heavy stepper gets up at 6 am and is out the door before I get back from the gym. This morning I think he (or she) is doing Mambo #5 on my head.

3. I thought I'd found the world's most perfect cracker/crispbead/wafer thingy. I bought a small package last night at Target after reading the nutrition facts and enjoyed some last night. I was all ready to come here and post this wonderful news about finding a crispy thing that wasn't horrible and didn't seem to have so much salt and didn't make we want to finish the whole damn package and then I read the nutrition information online and was sorely disappointed. What I read last night as 15 carbs per serving of 19 little wafers, this morning read as 25. Not nearly so wonderful. Crackers and chips, with their comely combination of salt, fat and crunch are my downfall. I have no brakes. Whatever size they come in, that's a serving size to me - either grab-bag or Costco, makes me no matter. Obviously, I don't bring such things in the house very often, but in preparing for Meg's visit (TOMORROW! YAY!) I was getting together a bit of a nosh and just had to sample. Oh well.

Today's class will be restorative yoga, which will be nice after yesterday's spin class that left me in a puddle.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Beware of Big Foot.



  1. The only crackers I eat are the TLC ones from Kashi...of course, I am usually too hurried at the grocery store to stop and read other ingredient lists, so there might be better ones out there.

    Hope you had a good breakfast with Pebbles...and when are we going to see the wedding pictures?

  2. Cruchy crackly items that aren't purveyors of much salt, fat and/or carbs are few and far between. I like you saying you have no brakes. Ditto. Hope your breakfast was fun.

  3. Hi there, just found your blog!

    You have lost 100lbs? That's awesome! I'm trying to do the very same thing right now and so far so good!

    Looking forward to reading your blog in the future!


  4. Are the crackers you are eating made of wheat? I was just commenting on Tina's (Shrink to Fit)blog about wheat allergies. I find I do much better when I don't eat wheat (even if it is whole wheat). There are many other grains that are just as delicious.

    That being said, if I'm in the wrong mood, I can binge on anything. :)

    P.S. Thank you for your nice comment on my last post. I was feeling so down...I'm better now. Also, I'm glad you are enjoying the books! What are you reading now???

  5. We all have foods that are our downfall. I love bread and have to be very careful in my choices.

    Thanks for being an inspiration!


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