Friday, February 12, 2010

Whistler Memories

President's Day weekend was always a ski weekend for us. As I was reading about the lack of snow problems for the Winter Olympics at Whistler, I was reminded of our family trip there about twelve years ago. It was pretty much a disaster from start to finish. We flew into Vancouver rather than Seattle on this trip. ExBubba and his ski buddy, Rat Tail, were detained by Canadian officials at customs (Pebbles and I came up a few days ahead), separated and grilled for over an hour about the details of the trip. I guess bringing in snowboards and looking like, well, hippies, caused some raised eyebrows. And because I'd made all the travel arrangements, neither of them knew where they were going or where we were staying when quizzed by officials.

They did know we were visiting my home in Washington after skiing in Whistler, but they knew none of the details of that either, and when asked if they were going to USA (pronounced you-sa), they told the officials they didn't know where that was! The Canadians finally realized these guys were harmless and let them go. We headed up to Whistler.

I was still recovering from surgery and was too fat to ski anyway (I have some before pictures from this trip) so I stayed in the condo while ExBubba, Rat Tailed and Pebbles went skiing. It was a foggy, foggy day on the mountain and there was very little base, but plenty of rain, even at the "best of the West, Whistler". It was raining and miserable and ExBubba LOST Pebbles. He came down off the mountain and back to the condo hoping she would be there, but she hadn't arrived. They had gotten separated in the fog on a trail and she took an alternate, but slower route down. By this time, the lifts had closed for the day. I was FRANTIC with worry. ExBubba went back to alert the ski patrol that we had one still on the mountain, but about an hour later, she came wandering back in.

And then The Traveling Hillbillies went out to eat that night, with squeaky-tight Rat-Tail treating as a gesture for staying with us as our guest. We found a reasonable place for dinner in the village and all ordered iced tea with our dinner, cuz we be southern. They served their iced tea in a high ball glass. We kept asking for refills and complaining to each other about the slow service. When the bill arrived, it was for $100 CDN, with a full $40 of that being for iced tea!

What a trip! I would never have guessed that I would be getting snow here in Texas and Whistler would go lacking!


  1. Speaking of skiing, did the kids make it out for their trip to Utah?

    Have you ever posted before pics before? I can't rememeber seeing one.

  2. I read this post and was like, "What is she talking about?" Usually I just move on, but I was fascinated so I kept reading. A couple of posts down I figured out what was going on. It's kind of like jumping in on a soap opera that's been on the air for a while. It takes a while to catch up but then you're hooked. Naturally, as soon as I leave this comment I am going to click the follow button because I can't wait to see what happens next and every change I get I'll keep digging in the archives to catch up on the backstory:-)

    I kindly invite you to my little blogsite. I don't have the same kind of through-line that you have. I sorta jump around. I mostly stick to the drama that is my life but there is no chronology to it. I mainly tell the stories as they come to me.

    May the scales always be kind,

  3. That happened to us once in Italy. We were there as students, but somehow the Italian activities director thought we were professors.

    After a modest pizza and Taxi ride we were charged about $140. We just about died!

  4. I traveled through canada once...their idea of 'four star' and americans idea of 'four star' seemed to vary
    That being was disturbingly like america.


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