Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Adult Content

No, not the fun kind. The unfun kind. I'm taking this afternoon off to go do unfun things: 1. Go pick up a replacement 1099 from my bank, 2. go visit the CPA to discuss taxes, 3. go get my tires rotated and aired up, as MalibuKen sent me an email stating that his hindend was feeling a bit deflated, 3. drop off clothes at the dry cleaners, and 4. go grocery and household supply shopping.

It's funny about the household supplies. I moved into The Closet about 3.5 months ago and had to stock with detergents, cleaners, etc. Everything seems to be running out at the same time!

I've been doing a lousy job of keeping track of my intentions, with the exception of mileage, so I'll probably pull some of them. The "No Spend" days are probably the worst offender, as I routinely don't spend money now. I guess I was just feeling a bit weird at the time due to the expense of getting set up here. Felt like things were a bit out of control, which had me feeling a bit odd. I'm back to my old, normal dull self, so no need to track what doesn't need attention.

I'm doing a decent job of tracking my mileage and I obviously set the bar way too low there. And now that the weather is nice, I'm shooting for 4 times a week bus riding. It pretty silly how much I'm enjoying riding the bus. It's very relaxing, for some reason and I think a lot about riding the bus into town for school when I was a teenager. Fun, nostalgic stuff.

Food good. Exercise good. Yoga class today then off for the afternoon for the aforementioned unsoothing activities.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Buck up, Buttercup.



  1. Lately I hate to drive here in Orlando traffic is terrible so it doesn't seem silly to me to enjoy riding the bus. Me? I get my husband and son to drive me around when I really don't want to drive myself:)

  2. Even though it's not fun you will feel really good after you get all that accomplished! Seems like lots of bloggers are having a yoga day today.

  3. There is nothing dull about your normal self!
    I quite like travelling on public transport (trains more than buses) so long as they are running on time - it relaxes me simply because I can read a magazine or plan my day (with notes) - unfortunate things can happen if you try to do that while driving

  4. You'll feel great tomorrow for getting all that stuff done today. It's a noble endeavor to use more public transportation. My kids are all pretty proficient, but I've gotten soft in my middle age. When the weather is nice, I can actually walk to work - about 2.5 miles. Once the knee is all better, hope to get back to that!

  5. I have only bad school bus memories. Man kids can be cruel...lol.

    Being an adult sucks sometimes. Why do kids always want to be older? If they only knew.

    Thanks for the very thoughtful comment this morning.

    love and hugs

  6. Public transportation in large cities is sanity, I think.

    Not so much traffic here. One of the things I love about living here.

    Sounds like you've gotten good and settled. :)

  7. The bus is also a great place to gather blogging material!

    I'm glad you got to fit in at least SOME you time today, before all the "grown-up stuff"

    We gotta fit in the stuff we enjoy so we can be reminded why we put up with everything else!

  8. Lady, you are anything but dull... I've always liked riding the bus and subways too! My year in Boston was my all time favorite, not even owning a car the entire time.

    Taxes? ick.

  9. Love that Malibu Ken was so thoughtful to send you an email! As it's the end of the day, I hope you got everything done and feel a good sense of accomplishment!

  10. Wow, this was an X-rated day, for sure. I have to get my taxes done Friday. Yes, Friday. Can we say "boring"??

    I'm bucking up, Buttercup. Thanks for giving me some great advice. You always say what I need to hear.

  11. I have an award for you just as soon as I get it posted. :)

  12. If you weren't riding the bus, you'd probably not have any time to look back fondly at those memories of riding the bus. You'd be too busy. Funny how that is.

    I'm going to Buck Up, Are Us.


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