Monday, March 22, 2010

Boring Weekend

Yucky weather over the weekend. More SNOW! Howling winds. General malaise. Not bad, not great, just sorta blah. I stayed in and didn't do much. Got my hair colored. Went to a meeting and to church. Saw Alice In Wonderland, which was spectacular.

Exercised. Ate well. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Be good even when the weather isn't.



  1. I'm seeing Alice this week with a friend at the lcol IMAX. Can't wait!

    Sometimes low level is a nice thing.

  2. We had pretty good weather but the sky was grayish white in color, with a few blue spots. I was sickly. Whining. blah. First day of spring brought laryngitis. I'm waiting for some warmth.
    But one thing exciting that happened is a wild turkey went after my sister. That was cool.
    Probably not quite up there with Alice.

  3. Yeah, that weather was for the was too strange to have my kids call me on the first day of Spring to say it was snowing!

  4. Oh, and the red ropers? Still the bomb after all these (at least 15) years! Used to wear them every Feb. while we lived in SA for rodeo. Here, not so much...but you never know!

  5. Yesterday felt like summer. Today it seems we're back to the cold stuff. No snow though.

    LOL. Rather, rinse, repeat. That's good.

  6. Hey wait a minute, that was my weekends. Sans movie.

    wish we lived closer


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