Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Conference Food Makes Me Cry

Eating on program while attending a conference can be difficult. Given that most of the meals/snacks are provided, avoiding the foods that I normally do not eat is difficult. And I score this conference for me as a FAIL. Actually, the failure started before leaving and I never got into the groove. So, to get back in the groove, I'm following my usual plan which is NOT to restrict how much I eat, but just to make sure it's of foods that don't make me cry - because honest to god, eating too many carbs completely affects my mood. And other than walking the riverwalk a few times, I didn't get any real forced exercise. So I'm back in the familiar place - kind of bottoming out and looking not to let it get any worse. And trying to remind myself it's not the end of the world and I'm not back at some square one - I've just had a few off days.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Regroup.



  1. I think it's normal for those of us who have lost a LOT of weight to feel like we are back at square one, or have regained it all, after a little setback. You just had a few days off, but you are back and will be fine - of that I have no doubt.

    Glad you got to enjoy my old stomping grounds - and gee, now that I'm not gigantic, I MIGHT enjoy walking around the river again!

  2. Boy! Did I need to hear this today. I have already started taking your advice about the good for me foods.

    Best advice you ever gave me....well that and "go organize something"

  3. Oh I so hear you on this one. I've attended many conferences and I have an all week meeting next week, where the food is not optimal for me. Too many carbs makes Sandra very very sleepy. But sometimes you have no choice. So you just get back on the bandwagon when you get home and eat the way you know works for you.

  4. I do so agree with the comments about Conference Food. Why is it so hard for them to supply healthy tasty balanced food? Maybe that's a gap in the market someone ought to try to fill...
    You're nowhere near square one, so don't let the carb-mood low feelings get to you! I bet walking the riverwalk was more than most people managed at such a busy time, and now its over so you're back in charge...
    I know, you're thinking 'this from the woman who panics over a single uncontrolled meal' but that doesn't mean its not true!!!

  5. I truly have NEVER understood why conferences carb people to death! It's like they're afraid if they serve a vegetable platter the attendees will mutiny. Sheesh. Glad you're back in your comfort zone. Enjoy the rest.

  6. You're a good woman. Keep working. Eat that good food, and organize. It'll be better tomorrow.

  7. Carbs make us cry!?!
    You'll make it. come on.
    Chin up! (or in my case, Chins up!)

  8. They love love love serving donuts at every function I attend. It amuses and annoys me simultaneously.
    Back otk.

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