Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feats Don't Fail Me Now

Randomness is the theme of the day. Not enough to make a real entry and certainly nothing cohesive.

Decided I needed to get back on my feet and walking. I moved here specifically to get out in the world. So this morning, I rode the bus to work which entails a few block walk to the bus stop. I also determined that my wellies (just like the one's pictured) will be my sacrificial shoes for the spring. I can wear them with skirts (as I did today) to the bus stop, or I can tuck my "must wear with heals" long suit pants into them for the treks to and from the stops. Oh, and a man on the bus told me I looked like an architect this morning. Or an interior designer. I told him he was very kind. I am assuming he was being kind.

ABC's pre-Oscar show was shudder inducing.

SarahJessicaParker looked very pointy and orange at the Oscars. There is such a thing as too thin.

Macauley Culkin(sp) looked pitiable.

The Dude won an Oscar.

Helen Murrin is my hero. Awesome.

I loved the Neil Patrick Harris opening number. I think I'm in the minority.

Who knew Kanye had an aunt and she'd show up at the Oscars. Craziness.

I went to the Warhol exhibit and saw the Campbell's soup cans. One was Pepper Pot. I don't remember Pepper Pot Campbell's soup. I googled it up and it's TRIPE! No wonder it's not a big seller.

The man from AZ with whom I had a relationship with prior to Bick has been circling me on Facebook. He's been friending friends. I blocked him. Don't need that crap in my life.

I'm still in the midst of the Great Family Artic Freeze and Silent Treatment. It will last indefinitely.

I spent some time last night adding events to my activity calendar. It will be my "go to" thing when I need distraction, need to get out of the house and out of my own head. I'm having a really tough time concentrating. So rather than berate myself for my lack of focus, I just tell myself I'm trying on new things for size. See reading, knitting, fashion, whatever else I've conjured up

Exercise and food yesterday was spot on.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get on your feet.



  1. You look like an architect?

    Man, that's just about the most random compliment ever, huh?

  2. An architect? I didn't know they had a look LOL. I am assuming it must mean you look smart and put together :D

  3. For some reason this post made me smile. I totally can relate to getting out of my own head. I am so glad I have a busy week this week.

    Thought that Monquie's acceptance speech was good. She was so composed. Loved watching all the winners on Oprah yesterday. I wasn't able to stay awake for the whole show. Too long. I thought Helen Miren was the best looking woman there. Love her!

    I laughed at the old BF trying to pressure you on FB.

    Freezeout? Well at least they aren't begging....lol. Too bad for them. Family. I think one of the reason I am such good friends with my sisters is because we live far away and don't ask much of each other. I often wonder how differant things would be if my parents were still alive. Who knows.

    An architect? Well, you could have done worse!

  4. What does an architect look like? A little artsy, I expect. Those wellies are cute - all the top architects are wearing them, I hear.

    Nods of agreement: Sarah Jessica looked bad. Your description was perfect.

    McCauley - sad.

    Is the dude Jeff bridges?

    I also loved Neil Patrick Harris's number. He'll always be Doogie Houser to me.

    James Cameron's new woman looked horrible - talk about anorexic!

    I do remember Pepper Pot. It wasn't very good, hence it's demise.

    You're about to surpass me in followers. Oh well. This is supposed to be for me.

    Love your point(s) of view!

  5. Architects look professional and upper crusty. So you must look fab.

    I too, liked Mo Nique's speech. The movie was fantastic and her acting was beyond the pale (not an ethnic slur though one could take it as one).

    Going to get on my feet now!

  6. I love the fact you bought yourself flowers! I do that too. I LOVE flowers , especially sunflowers, or the ones your grow from a bulb until they flower. No need to wait for a man to bring you flowers. Give yourself a smile. :)
    Love your rubber boots. I get to wear them EVERY day that i work as i water in a garden center. I'm determined this year to buy me some fancy smancy ones, as bright as i can find.
    Didn't watch the Oscars just heard the results. Fairly happy with it. It was a tough call for me between Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep. Love them both. Loved both characters and movies.........tough call.
    I know what you mean about too thin. Maybe she doesn't really 'see' herself in the mirror the way she really is. My vision of myself is all skewed. You?

  7. its so important not to berate yourself for being unproductive when you cant focus--that's just the time to say "hey, if i tried to do that thing i gotta do right now, i wouldn't do it as well as i could another time when i'm feeling more focused" (maybe after cheering yourself up by trying something else. good thinking ;)

  8. Did you design the new addition to the Guggenheim? (lol...get it? Remember George Costanza?)

    I thought Sarah Jessica Parker looked horrible. Hated the dress.

    I enjoyed the tribute to John Hughes. I'd forgotten how many actors got their starts in his movies.

    As far as the frosty freeze goes...Hang in there! You are doing the right thing.

  9. Oh those boots are so cute! Don't worry, looking like an interior designer is a good thing ;)


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