Friday, March 19, 2010

I'll Have the Lu Ann

It sort of feels like I'm driving my golf cart to Luby's in Del Webb's Sun City and ordering the Lu Ann Platter at 4:30 in the afternoon. With a side of stewed prunes. That's what buying eggbeaters feels like to me. A commenter suggested it and I succumbed. Truth is, I like them much better than just the plain egg whites that I have used in the past. I've been preparing omelets for myself each morning and they stick with me. I'm not getting hungry. I'm not dipping into my lunch before lunch time and the omelets, filled with chopped veg, are really good. I just need to get over the whole "eggbeaters are for old people and I'm not THAT old" thing. Face it, Roxie, you've joined the ranks of those who pay close attention to their health. Wanna play name that symptom?

I've been fixing big salads lately and so while I'm chopping up stuff for the salads in the evening, I just chop a little extra of whatever to go in the morning omelet. Fast and easy. Using just this strategy, I've been able to up my fiber content a bit and lower my fat intake. And stay un-hungry along the way. Thanks to the suggestor.

Weekend plans are sparse. Weather is supposed to be yucky, back down to the freezing mark over the weekend, so I'll have to get creative. It may be a good time to tie myself down in a chair and do some reading. We'll see.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. "Hey, kid, get off of my lawn!"



  1. What a great idea about chopping the extra veggies! I know what you mean about the eggbeaters - I think they were one of the original "old people" foods...back in the day when grandparents couldn't eat eggs because of their cholesterol.

    And what is up with the weather?!? I am enjoying the beautiful spring days and now cold thunderstorms are coming? Nooooooooo!!!!!

    Have a good day, my friend!

  2. Eggbeaters are not just for the old, I promise! They are also for the thousands of twenty-something girls living in los angeles, way too near the modeling agencies and actual gauntly thin celebs they see in people magazine, and who don't actually need to lose a pound but do, in fact, order "oh, with eggbeaters please" when we go to Denny's. From my perspective, there aint nothing wrong with you buying eggbeaters, i've got far less-qualified buyers of that stuff over here.

  3. I love Eggbeaters! I just started using them about a month ago to make TJ's spinach frittata, and I'm a fan now. No Lu Ann platter for you - sashimi all the way. You're way cool, and might I add, hip?

    I relate to having to tie myself to a chair to read being an activity junkie. Just another way to keep at arm's length from moi! Hope you get some good reading in.

  4. I'm so glad to hear that you like the Eggbeaters. Regardless of age, everyone needs to wath their cholesterol these days, so I'm glad you got past the whole age thing and are enjoying them! Eating well is so empowering, and it's wonderful that you remain "unhungry" throughout the day. Bravo for you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. You are not alone (or old!) Hi, my name is Helen and I'm an Egg Beater-o-holic. Seriously Roxie, I buy the darn things in bulk from the warehouse store. Just this morning I had em wrapped up in a high fiber wrap. YUM.

  6. Nothing wrong with egg beaters! I like to do egg beater or egg whites and add 1 whole egg, that way I can get some of that yolk goodness, but be able to bulk it up and keep it satisfying.

  7. 149.5 ....hello?! nice job. I thought that eggbeaters were for the heart. And for those that want to stay that way.

    You'll find something awesome to do this weekend. It's overcast here in AZ, it must be headed your way.

  8. I love the LuAnn Platter... Oh hell, I love anything about old people, I can't wait. I'm counting down the years (9 more) till we can move to the 55+community. I can hang with all my peeps and Mark can make us all feel young and appreciated. It's gonna be GREAT. (said with smile and major eyerolls from Mark)

    I too like the idea of a Filling breakfast, and your new suggestion is genius. Fiber Fiber Fiber. It's a good thing!

    Stay warm!

  9. I agree on the great idea about chopping some extra veggies. Great tip!

  10. Hey, I bought eggbeater egg whites just the other day and those good with my regular eggbeaters which I have not used yet.

    The real old people food is embalming fluid. Until you start using that, you're as young as you feel.

  11. lol, let's play name that mil does that constantly.
    mostly it's her gout.
    If you ever get gout, keep it to yourself please.


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