Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Room With A View

The room was lovely and the view spectacular, but just like a toddler, I crave my routine. Being away from home, away from "my foods" and tired makes for one unhappy camper. I had a lot of trouble sleeping this trip - earplugs and eyemask didn't help. And when I'm tired, well, HALT. Presto and I'm just like a cranky two year old. Ah, well. That's behind me now. I got home and I organized. The benefits of organization are two-fold - 1. You are busy right now and can focus on something besides me, me, me and 2. You are setting yourself up for an improved, easier future. So, I organized to get ready for tonight's GNO gathering.

I also shut off my alarm, determined to get as much sleep as necessarily. For me, sleep is job one. Without it, I'm working at a disadvantage. So I slept in this morning and I'll go to yoga at lunch. Tomorrow it will be back to the routine, but for right now, I'm rested and ready to go.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Give yourself the best opportunities to be at your best.



  1. I see the early warning system is working fine. Even better, you've learned what to do when the alarms go off.

    That's great progress!

  2. Sleep is so important in so many aspects of your life. I can't sleep outside of my own home very well and always suffer. Glad you are home and back to normal (or getting there).
    Take Care Roxie!

  3. Lack of sleep has the same effect on me - which is a problem for me as I struggle even at home in my own routine and surroundings. At least you're back and rested and getting to grips with things again.
    What's GNO by the way? Ignorant English person here!

  4. My favorite commercial right now shows a sunburned, vacation taking couple coming into their house and falling onto their bed. They lay there and say "I missed you, I'll never leave you again!" I'm an idiot with no sleep. Which is why, if necessary, you can sometimes find me in bed at 8 p.m.!

  5. I am terrible with any change. Just ask my son what happened when he changed my cellphone ringer. It wasn't pretty.

    Glad your rested. What a difference a day makes and a good night's sleep. Being over tired is the worse. It really does effect everything.

    enjoy yoga.

  6. I like my sleep, too. I got a white noise machine [take it everywhere] that helps me a lot ... most times. Not always. I always have trouble sleeping some place strange.

  7. Sleep. I sympathize, and I need some. Unfortunately unless it actually happens at night (rarely), it won't happen for me until Tuesday.

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