Sunday, March 7, 2010


"I want you to change so that I can feel okay."

Those were the words spoken by someone at meeting yesterday morning and that perfectly summed up my feelings about the recent interaction with the family. I let the outcomes/reactions bother me. I am not responsible for those and it's silly of me to assume that me changing the way I've always done things will go unnoticed. I need to let go of any attachment to unrecognized outcomes. I KNOW this, but just forgot it and let it bother me too much. Roxie, don't get attached to outcomes. So the meeting/feedback here was good. Also sleeping in until 8:30, which is unheard of for me.

And as for Bick, well, I can't control of have expectations for those outcomes either. I do, however, consider this a life-threatening situation. So I will voice my concerns about seeking out at least an RX to assist and the choices will be up to him.

I've sort of missed church this morning, so I'll poke around the internets for some guided meditation and perhaps drag out the yoga mat this morning. The kiddos should be over in a couple of hours and I'm looking forward to that.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. I am responsible for me. Only.



  1. Hope you have a wonderful day today, Roxie. HUGS.

  2. I have to admit that I often fall into that trap myself...

    I'm glad you slept well, you must have needed it with everything that's going on right now.
    Hope you had a great day! Keep looking after yourself

  3. Great stuff, Roxie. Aren't meetings the best things ever to get our heads straight? Glad you're feeling more peaceful.

  4. It has taken me years to realize I am not responsible for whether or not my husband is in a good mood. It's the people pleaser in me.

    Now if I could just adopt that attitude about my mother... I'm getting better about her, too, but I'm not there yet.

    Thanks for the reminder that I'm only responsible for ME!

  5. I just try to remember that I do not have that much power. Hell, I barely have control over the choices I make half the time. Sometimes I remember faster then others. I am still learning. The thing with your mom has to be hard. It sounds like there is a history there that I missed.

    I think you are doing the right thing for you by going to the doctor with Bick. You will feel better that you had a chance to expressing your feelings, no matter what he chooses. At least that's how it would work for me.

    Glad that your kids are coming to visit. Hope you have a good time at the museum.

    I was thinking about you all day yesterday, ment to email, but time got aaway from me.

    hugs, my Friend

  6. I hope ya had a great great day.

    As a control freak I understand. I hope that it evens out.

  7. Most times, I go to a meeting and hear just what I need to hear. Amazing how that works.

    Glad you're able to get yourself re-centered. Hope you had a good visit with the kids.



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