Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Serenity

I've just a few minutes until I leave for meditation and church. The weekend is a nice balance to the work craziness of last week. Next week promises more of the same workwise. Yesterday I went to a meeting and then headed up to Bick's to pick up our camping equipment. Slater is taking Pebbles on her first ever no-frills-whatsoever camping trip for her birthday next weekend. I cannot wait to hear how this goes! So I delivered the equipment to Dallas and Pebbles and I headed out to spend the day together. I had a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket and I wanted a few items. Slater is in San Diego visiting his guy friends for another bachelor's weekend of trail biking and hiking (yea, right)!

Pebbles took me to Northparkmall. OMG. I'd never been there. The rich really are different. I mean, I've lived close to the apparent affluence, but never really saw it up close. NPM carries Rodeo Drive type stores. And even non-Rodeo stuff that I'd never seen. And with good cause. Anthropology? Could be addictive to me and I'm not even a shopper! Of course I kept my purchases to my usual discount trio - Marshall's - where I found my summer suit for the cost of my gift certificate. Plus I bought three bras at Ross'. My everyday bras were getting pretty ragged looking - and is my wont when I end a relationship, all the relationship lingerie goes bye-bye.

It was lovely to spend the day with just my kiddo without any time constraints - we had a lovely time and I bought her a couple of things she picked out, as next week is her birthday. She'll be 27 and is having a bit of a hard time with that. Oh dear lord, by the time I was 27, I'd screwed up my life in ways that would take years to undo. I assured her she is a spectacularly young 27.

My plans today include some party pre-planning. I'm organizing a dinner for my coworkers (Dutch treat - what's the pc way to say that?) here in this new development, and them I'm having everyone up for dessert and coffee week after next. So I borrowed some folding chairs from Pebbles and made a full 12 cup pot of coffee this morning, as I've never made that much coffee in this coffee pot. So I'm drinking my first cup of homemade coffee in a couple of weeks. That trial run was a success. I've got some paperwork to organize in order to be more adult-like and better prepared for tax season next year. But immediately after church, I think I'll walk to the Botanic Gardens. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, yes?

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Be Present in your life.



  1. I like the idea of getting rid of prior relationship lingerie - no reminders! Glad you found some good deals; that mall does sound pretty awesome, though!

    Pebbles is turning 27? She looks so cute and fresh-faced...I would have guessed more like 23.

    Have a good Sunday, Roxie!

  2. I was in NorthPark a few weeks ago. That place is just silly. I do still love Neiman Marcus. Not that I ever buy anything there, but it's nice to see real customer service in action.

    Regarding going dutch - the Junior League phrases invites to say which items are non-hosted. As in, "Enjoy delicious hors d’oeuvres, desserts and a non-hosted bar." It's not the perfect solution, but at least you know you're picking up your own bar tab.

  3. Ahhh marshall's....When we want to see how the rich live here in colorado springs, we go to the zoo.
    To get there we bave to pass the broadmoore hotel, past the million dollar mansions etc.
    Then we say things like..oh, hate to live there...what if there was a rock slide...(they are perched on the side of the mountain).

  4. Yes, it does sound like a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Have fun!

    And tell Pebbles she's half my age. Silly girl. What I'd give to be 27 again (but only if I knew what I knew now...don't want to re-live that hell I put myself through back then. :>)

  5. The rich ARE different. Almost every day when I would leave my bosses world (the one who passed away last October) I would get home and say to my hubby, "It's a different world than where we come from." It was fun for me to play in it though :-)

    Love the disposal of the old lingerie. Makes you a new woman from the bottom up!


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