Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Buyer Burnout

Outlined below is essentially an email I sent to the fabulous Christine upon inquiry:

I accepted their counter offer this morning, so I guess this means I'm on my way. I HATE the process and have wanted to bail out - not because I don't love the house, but just because the process is crazy-making. I told Pebbles this morning that it was like being pregnant - I'll be very happy once I get the house(baby), but until then, I'm pretty damned miserable with the whole acquisition process.

I just had to tell myself that the deal I wanted in my head was more about the negotiation than it was about the house. In the end, I want the house. While I haven't been actively touring homes, I have been watching what's been up for sale for a long, long time. This is the best thing/right priced thing that I've seen.
I'm waiting for the anxiety to dissipate to be replaced with elation. Soon, please.

end of email - to which I now add:

I just need to remember that. I do not have to be perfect. I do not have to make the best deal in the history of ever. Good enough is good enough. I don't have to swing for the fences. A good solid double is nice, too.

I understand that I am very fortunate. And I also understand that right now I am just overwhelmed.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Be in the now.



  1. Congratulations! Of course there will be plenty that is nerve wracking throughout the process, but like labor, you'll have a real prize at the end!! And you have all of your blog friends to help keep you buoyant throughout.


    I remember when you bought your new vehicle ... same kind of "crazy-making" only less moolah involved. Remember?
    and ...
    Just like with your car, you're doing just fine.

    It seems, Roxie, that even in the midst of being overwhelmed you always seem to make the right choices for You and land on your two sexy CFM garden shoes. :D

    Now which room will be the blogging room?

  3. You'll get through it. Just relax and don't freak out about the inspection. Get all your papers in order now for the mortgage stuff and just know that the bank will make you go through a ton of hoops right now. Just roll with it!

  4. It will be over before you know it and then you'll say "See that wasn't so bad". Well maybe not tomorrow, but someday.

    I remember the car too. You were scared till you got the car. That was just a matter of days...right?

    LMAO at the CFM shoes. That was a hilarious post! You should repost it.

    You can do hard things! Love ya and thinking about ya!

  5. Great news!!! I'm so happy for you - and yes, there will be (stupid) hurdles to jump via the mortgage company (there always are), but then it will be yours, all yours!

    Congratulations, my friend!

  6. Great news! I always wish someone would do these kinds of things for me, rather than my having to do them -- though really, what a sense of accomplishment you must feel once you get to the other side. Congratulations.

  7. Oh, I'm so glad! I thought the pictures were beautiful, but I was afraid to get too enthusiastic for fear I'd jinx something.

  8. Congratulations!! Another abode not on a gravel road!

    Maybe the acquisition nerve wracking because there is very little actual activity coupled with lots of waiting and anticipation. The moving process however, is just chuck FULL of activity. Maybe that will be better.

    A single will raise your batting average and might even drive in a run. Swing for what you need, not to impress anyone.

  9. I'm so happy for you Roxie. What a wonderful way to continue into your new life. Congrats.

  10. Don't forget both sides feel that way. "Did I get the very best deal?" You are wisely doing the best you can with what you have. It's going to be a great house.


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