Thursday, April 8, 2010

Calling It A Day

I am worn out! I got a metricbuttton of stuff done today and I feel every bit of it. At one point in the day, it looked as though an explosion had happened inside The Closet. Because I cleaned out every one of them to the bare walls and re-optimized to better utilize the available space.

I've lived here about four and a half months, so it was time to reassess how things were working. See, I'm inherently lazy. If something is difficult to get to, then I won't make the effort to get to it. If I have to move four things in order to get the iron and ironing board out, I won't do it. My SonicCare and Waterpik have to be out and accessible or else it's the old fashioned toothbrush for me. Problem is, I don't have enough outlets in the bathroom for all that and a hairdryer plus my new flat iron. So today, I juggled things around a little bit.

I took everything out of my clothes closet and sorted it. I found another box of summer shoes that I didn't know I had! That meant I had to reassemble the shoe rack I'd stashed under the bed to put the shoes out. And rearrange the entire closet to fit in the additonal rack.

I also had to make room in that micro-closet to store my blanket and comforter off of my bed. It's time for summer bedding only! So I stripped the bed - oh and I found two lost things today - my sleep mask and my running tights! - and made room for the linens in the closet.

I also went through EVERY.PIECE.OF.IMPORTANT.PAPERWORK that I own. EVERY.PIECE. Created a new filing system in a new container, made files, labels, etc. and filed everything. Even went to my office and pulled my personal files from there and brought them home and filed them appropriately. I'd had a bit of paperwork here and drab over there in that thing, a few stashed somewhere sure to get lost, maintenance paperwork for MalibuKen in his glove box. All now in the proper place. And the proper place is easy to get to - one step to help me actually not get buried under the paper tiger anymore. I found out that I had under-claimed my charitable contributions for the year, so I'll have to adjust that when visiting the CPA. So today saved me some dough!

I also had lunch with Pebbles and took her to Costco to do some shopping. We had a good visit. I'm going to Dallas on Saturday to attend and arts and craft show - another etsy-styled deal, followed by an art gallery tour. Sunday I'm riding my bike along the rivertrail a few miles to watch friends compete in an armystyle 10K run, armycrawl over, under and through obstacles - should be fun to watch.

It was a very, very productive day and I'm glad to took it. I'm also proud of me for sticking with it until the end because at one point I did look around and think "what in the hell have I done?". I took a perfectly neat and tidy place and turned it upside down. What is it they say about breaking eggs to make an omelet? Well, I made some omelets today.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Strike while the iron is hot.



  1. wow, great way to revamp.
    I'd be tired for sure.
    Have a great night.

  2. Impressed.

    Damn. I've got too many adjectives, and I can't pare it down to just one. Good job!

  3. How awesome that you found your sleep mask AND running tights! Now you know where to look the next time you lose something, lol!

    What a wonderful, accomplished day for you!

  4. I've totally done this kind of thing before. In fact, last weekend I emptied out all the dresser drawers on the bed. I was sick and tired of not being able to find stuff. What a disaster I made!

    The end result was awesome. Like you I found all kinds of stuff I forgot I even owned. Now everything is neat and tidy, and tons of extra space because I finally got rid of all the big girl undies. :)

    Great job Roxie (although reading it did make me a wee bit tired!).

  5. WOW! Good for you. I have to do things when I'm in the mood, or in other words striking while the iron is. I do the same thing, tear it down and build it back up.

    Hope you got a great night's sleep.

  6. We're going to be forced to do this same sort of thing as we put our family room back together. I'm actually looking forward to it. It makes the whole area feel bright and shiny new, doesn't it?

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  8. I love omelets!
    Congratulations, Roxie! What an accomplishment!

  9. I'm same as you. It has to be handy.

    Glad you're getting yourself better organized. Sounds very productive.


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