Thursday, April 29, 2010

Choosing Gratitude

In the overall scheme of things, the whole house debacle isn't a biggy. I can lash out, but "standing up for myself" at this point is no real recourse. So instead, I choose gratitude.

Last night as I was tossing and turning and generally being pissed off - running Dixie-Carter-like speeches through my head, I suddenly remembered my former co-worker's month. What she had lost. And losing a house, while an inconvenience, is merely a bump in the road. And next Monday is the 6 year anniversary of Pebbles losing her best friend. On Saturday, she will go to the parents' house to help them pick out paint and work on a "new look" for their home. It will be sad and happy as they get together to remember what they lost. This house can and will be replaced with something at some point. What others have lost will not.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Perspective is everything.


Above photo is from August 2004. Pebbles was at the airport leaving for semester abroad. I think I weighed about a buck seventy five. Certainly not a BEFORE, more of an in progress. I'd lost 82 pounds at that point and had kept it off for 5 years. I lost another 13 pounds over the next couple of months and stayed at 162 for a year. I was 162 when I met Bick in November of 2005. Dropped down to the low 140s in 2006, quit running as much and gained some back. I'm now back in the low 140's again.


  1. I missed the interim post last night about the deal falling through. You're amazing and clearly working a great program Roxie. You've probably learned a lot through this, and more than perhaps you'd have liked! Glad you're at peace with it all.

  2. Well, **** (fill in your word of choice here.) What a pisser! I'm glad you've moved on and the truth is, for us polyamorous houselovers, there is always another ravishing little house waiting to be picked up by the right woman. I had one Get Away and then had an opportunity to reacquire it... and decided it wasn't quite right, ironically. I hope you have fun browsing the real estate listing, and as you are not too staging-sensitive, you will be able to see to the important stuff other buyers might miss. Good luck!

  3. An attitude of gratitude. Perfect.

  4. Hi Roxie, I'm sorry to hear the deal fell through on the house - I haven't had time to read any blogs this week so I only just caught up!
    I bet now you'll find an even more perfect house though, and it will be a huge relief that you'll be free to buy that one! Its happened to me before...

  5. Roxie - just caught up here. I am really sorry about the house, but there will be others out there. It just stinks when it is someone else's 'doings' that muck things up.

    I'm glad you have a good attitude about it.

  6. I too am sorry the deal fell through but theres gonna be another better for you house out there. I just love your attitude and thanks for what you said on my blog today.

  7. Perspective is everything. :)

  8. I noticed you were dropping the lb's in your daily sign-off....
    And the house....Roxie, dear Roxie....
    Only better days ahead.

  9. Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!


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