Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Doing The Next Right Thing

Yesterday was full of doing just that. I took the bus to work, which gives me an extra fifteen minutes of walking each day, plus it just starts my day off right. I don't know why it does, but it does.

Before leaving for work, I packed my breakfast and my lunch. My eggbeater old-fart omelet, loaded with vegetables and a spinach salad with sliced smoked chicken breast.

I went to a flow yoga class at lunch. Great way to get body-centered again. Attended a lecture in the early evening on the latest research in womens' heart disease. Do you know it's the number one killer of women? Do you know that women do not present the same symptoms as men? Interesting and educational lecture.

After work, I came home and changed immediately and went out for another hour plus walk. The weather here is wonderful right now. I came home and cooked myself a nice dinner. Oh, and seem to be adding flaxseed meal to just about everything. I'll be interested to see if these dietary changes bring my LDL down. Although interestingly, the researcher said yesterday that cholesterol numbers are NOT the predictor that they are in men. But more research is needed.

Tried to get a good night's sleep, but failed pretty miserably at that. It's going to be a long day, as I am attending another lecture after work - this one on politics and ethics. That should get my blood pressure up!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Do the next right thing.



  1. Glad to hear this Roxie. We've had parallel good days you and I. Proud to be next to you.

  2. Lots of good orderly direction in your day! Sounds good. The stats about women and heart disease are indeed interesting and really important for all us females to know.

    Smiled at you "old fart" omelet - I'm finding a lot more old fart things creeping into my days! Just wait...of course I still think of myself as a young pup.

  3. Wait...did you just use politics and ethics in the same sentence?? I don't think they really go together. moizCan't wait for that

    Here's to doing the next right thing!

  4. moizCan't.....I was trying to do the word verification...oops

  5. You make that Old Fart Omlette sound sooo good. I think I'm gonna go for it.

    Have you looked into Flaxseed and their calories? My Eye Dr. (strange I know) told me that the pills are better (if you're trying to watch your weight) because each pill is only 30 calories, but the true seeds themselves add up to 300 calories. I took her word, but am just wondering if you were aware of this or not? I take 3 pills each night to help with my "Dry Eye" syndrome. I haven't been back to the Dr. for a follow up, but I do think that it is helping.

    Note to self: Egg Beaters!

  6. Sounds like you got your mojo back. :)


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