Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Note From My Daughter

Did you remember to wear your big girl pants today? If not, I'd go home and change. :)

Repeat after me. Money and emotions do not mix. You are no longer in the financial situations you once were. Let your childhood and marriage financial woes go. You have the means to buy and maintain a home. This is not a crisis, just an exercise in money organization and management. You deserve a home that makes you happy and feels safe. A home is a secure investment in your future. Yes, the process is daunting but you have the support of many people and are employing people to work on your behalf to achieve this goal with you and for you.


I love you and am proud that you are my mother and face your fears head on (with or without tears) to achieve a better life.


Obviously today has been a whirlwind. The house was better on the inside than on the outside. Looked better in person than it did in pictures. I decided to put in an offer. And away we go with all the other stuff - mortgages, negotiations, inspections, stress and tears. We'll see what happens. And I still have to tell Bick, but I just can't do it today.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. I can do hard things - tm Dana - even if I do them with tears running down my face.



  1. What a daughter! What a mom! Sounds like a great relationship you 2 have.

    Exciting about the house! I hope for the best possible outcome for you - trust the process, and know things will unfold as they are supposed to. They always do.

  2. ok I'm crying! I love your kid. You most certainly can do hard things!

    So happy for you.

  3. Your girl is so must be so freakin' proud of who she is - and you were obviously a great role model.

    Great good luck on the house - I hope it goes well and you get it! Thanks for the update - I was thinking about you today!

  4. Love that note!

    Good luck with the whole process! My fingers are crossed the inspection goes well.

  5. Thrilled for you my friend. Absolutely thrilled.

  6. "...and away we go!"

  7. What beautiful wisdom she has, that Pebbles. I wish you the best in your new adventure. No fear!

  8. Everything about this is fantastic, Roxie!
    Pebbles' note to you ... what a gift.

  9. What a great note! So excited for the new house, I hope the horrible buying process doesn't lead to too many tears! I hope you'll be sharing photos of the decor again?

  10. Best wishes on your house buying! Can't wait to see pics.

  11. I am so excited for you!
    Know things will work out for the best and trust yourself.
    You and Pepples are both amazing.
    Please let me know if you need anything.

  12. What an awesome daughter... I think you get some mommy points there. The house sounds exciting. I hope everything comes together just as you would wish.

  13. I love your daughter. Just totally love her! You've done an amazing job raising her. It says a lot about you. You must be so incredibly proud of the woman she's become.

    And she's totally right on the mark about you. I suspect she knows you better than you know yourself. Listen to her. She's a smart lady (like her mother). :)

  14. I forgot to say, just because you buy this house, it doesn't mean the door is closed for you and Bick. It just means this is what you need now. Who knows what will happen in a year. Life has a strange way of working out for the best.


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