Friday, April 30, 2010

Staying In Acceptance

Accept the things I cannot change. Boy, I'm seeing this in many areas of my life today. Honestly, I'm struggling with gratitude and acceptance. Wait, what I'm struggling with is leaving things alone.

One of my character flaws as a codie is my ability to obsess and churn a thought over and over in my mind. And I've found that I keep picking up the whole house thing and going through it again. So I'm working on putting it down and leaving it down. LEAVE IT. Accept the things I cannot change. Going over and over all the ways I was wronged does not help. So again, I'm shifting my focus to one of gratitude, acceptance and peace. As with so many things, it first starts with a decision. I need to be the decider. I decide. I get to choose my response. And in my case, I get to keep making the same decision, over and over, until it finally sticks. LEAVE IT.

I'm trying to think of some good distraction for this weekend, and I haven't come up with anything.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. We have more choice than we think.



  1. Accepting what you can't change is a tough hurdle to get over, but you've live a life with a lot less stress if you can learn to do it.

    Good luck.

  2. Leave it alone or start praying for that the ding dong RE agent. My sponsor always told me that is the best way to get rid of a resentment. Pray that they get all the good things they need. It has never let me down.

    Your right, it's your choice. Give yourself a few days though. I don't think I would get over it overnight and it's probably asking too much of yourself right now.

    Man your weight just keep getting lower and lower.

    Have a great weekend. Do something really fun. You deserve it.

  3. Maybe going over and over it is the way you get to acceptance Roxie. In any case, I'm sure you'll get there.

  4. I know what you could do Roxie! You could hop on over to my blog and look at my new gardening pics! ((HUGS))

    Maybe going over and over will get you to the place you need to be. You need to feel it, then own then let it be........Jinx!

  5. This is hard stuff.
    I have a small idea. Write the house stuff on a post it. Draw a box around what you wrote. Take the post-it and bury it outside in the dirt. Do this a few times. If you can, write the same stuff again and burn the post-it.

    I have done this sort of ritual with some things to try to "contain" the juju and it's helped a lot.

    Of course you don't have to do a thing I tell you. Ignore me and I still feel as if I helped a bit.

    Two other things. Pema Chodron CDs or The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It's hard to obsess and pay attention to someone talking about living in the now or living for the moment. You can only do one thing at a time if you are living in that moment.

    After my breakup, I obsessed a lot about the X and I would almost hyperventilate at times. I'd have to get back to THIS MOMENT so I'd take deep breaths and it would help bring me back to consciousness which was a huge relief for me.

  6. I'm so sorry the house thing fell through, but I do believe something better is waiting for you. I do tend to get the teensiest bit obsessive (even over positive stuff), but a perspective/reality check always gets me back on the right track. Hope you find your happy center soon!

  7. Sometimes I think a good tantrum is called for.

    There's an interesting balance between letting go and allowing yourself to feel sad, angry or whatever else you need to feel. Venting tends not to help me that much (makes me madder) but allowing myself to feel angry or sad does help at times. I hope you give yourself the same compassion you would show to your lovely daughter.

  8. Without dirt, there is always a toilet and as long as you only flush a few post-it notes, the plumber will be none the wiser. ;-) I doubt there is much more symbolism in anything that flushing your obsessions down a toilet (at least it might be momentary relief) could be. I think I'm going to go post-it on someone (instead of postal). This could be a new beginning for me and maybe you too.

  9. Don't give that idiotic RE agent any free rent in your head. Banish any thoughts as soon as they pop in. And it will get better - you need a distraction. Perhaps a weekend with the granddog? Thought of that from your LEAVE IT statements - I say that to Paco quite often.

    Hang in there, my friend. It will get better.


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