Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday, Rainy Sunday

Boy, what a dreary day this is turning out to be, weatherwise. I've already hit the gym this morning to get my exercise in for the day. I didn't get any yesterday, so Sunday is no longer the day of rest.

Eye doc said I could continue on with my readers if they were continuing to work for me in the put-them-on-take-them-off fashion, but she wrote me a script for (we are not calling them bi-focals anymore) progressive adaptive lenses. So I'll hold onto the script, see how my medical flexible spending account holds out and at the end of the year, if there's still dollars to be spent, then I'll spring for some stylish glasses. Otherwise, it's the ample stash of readers!

Ended up having fish tacos with Pebbles and Slater yesterday at her favorite college haunt. Man, chips and queso is almost always a food plan crusher, but I COUNTED out my portion size and stuck to it. I can absolutely go into mindless eating mode when chips are involved! Given my two back-to-back restaurant outings, I'm really happy with how I'm staying on the moderation track.

Okay, gotta run. Meditation/church this morning, then Bick is coming into town to escape the NASCAR race traffic this afternoon. We are going shopping for a new freezer for him. I haven't seen him in a while - will be nice to visit.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Take off the blinders.



  1. It is now pouring here in H-town. Dreary, for sure. Good job on the chips yesterday. I still don't trust myself with a basket of chips on the table so I've been staying away from texmex. Sure do miss it.

    Have fun shopping with Bick!

  2. When I still wore glasses, they were progressive tri-focals. Except for the fact that I hated wearing glasses and was so blind that I had to wear them all the time (which is why I finally had corrective surgery), progressive lenses are definitely the best. And there are so many cute frames out there.

    Enjoy your visit with Bick...I'd love to hear how he's doing.

  3. Try Zenni Optical for cheap, but good glasses. You just need to know your prescription and one other measurement. We've ordered many pair of glasses in my family, and we've been happy with each pair whether they were $8.00 or $30.

    I lurk on your blog from time to time.

  4. I'm still in my readers and they are still working for me. I did get myself a nice pair of frames in red and it really perked up my attitude about my glasses, but it was a good flex spending year. Take good care!


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