Thursday, April 8, 2010

Taking a Day

As I was in bed this morning, hoping for more sleep, I decided to just take the day. I knew I had no meetings scheduled and plenty of things to do. Officially, it's a vacation day, but really it's just a mental health day to allow myself to refocus and regroup.

I've been crazy busy and running from hither to yon, doing this or that. I need some slow, quiet time, so I'm taking it today. My list of things to do for the day is pretty long, but most of it revolves around getting paperwork organized for last year and for the years to come. I've got another appointment with my tax guy coming up. Mention taxes and, well, things start to get all puckery with me. I have a healthy fear of the taxman.

I am going for a nice, long workout this morning, followed by some errands. But first, the paperwork and waiting around to see if Pebbles can make it through town for breakfast or lunch today, as she is passing through.

These moods strike me from time to time, where I just need to "get organized" and so I honor them, if possible. There won't be a lot of time in my calendar for the next few months where this is possible, so today it is. I'm getting ready to turn on Pandora to my classical music station and gather the pieces of my fragmented self.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get yourself together.



  1. I find it's something about the season. All of a sudden the spring/summer light is in my house and/or soul and it exposes all the stuff I have let go. I need to be calm and organized in order to function. So I take a day.

    Enjoy every minute of yours!

  2. Mental health days are always good!

  3. Have a great mental health day! Everyone needs them once in a while. I love that you honor the feeling. Great expression, I might have to use it!

    Hope you get to see Pebbles.

  4. Good on ya for seizing the day - hope you get everything done and still have some time for you!

  5. I think it is very important to have these days. I tend to pick them when I know MR. Sandra is going to be out of the house.
    It's my time to organize myself and my life.
    Enjoy your day!

  6. Just what I need to read at just the right time. I hope your day was totally satisfying.


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