Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taxing Taxes

Whew! Big sign of relief. Met with the CPA this morning and got my taxes in the mail today. I've got two more things to drop in the mail today and I'll be through with all tax-related stuff for a while. I'm tired of wearing my big-girl britches. I'd like a lollipop, please.

Work is churning on, but in a pretty nice way, although I seem to be losing a bit of steam. I'm hoping that somehow picks back up. Plan on spending some time on the treadmill at lunch and perhaps attending the opening night of some community theatre tonight.

Friday brings birthday dinner for my sister and I'm looking forward to that. Other than a trip to the eye doc on Saturday for my ever-aging eyes, I've got nothing much on tap. Since my taxes ended up being thirty dollars less than I'd originally thought, I may treat myself to a quickie massage this week. I'll have to look at my schedule to see if I can work it in.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Render unto Caesar.



  1. I rendered unto Caesar yesterday. But that had me laughing when I read it.

  2. So I read this whole post and the thing that sticks out for me is that you can get a massage for $30. I'm so jealous. Wah!

  3. MASSAGE... YES!! Go for it! I only wish I had gone to my original appt scheduled on Sunday instead of rescheduling it for yesterday. In other words, I prefer to get my massage and then have nothing scheduled for that day or the next day, so I can truly reap the bene's... Waking up early for work this morning was such a bummer!!

    Treat yourself!!

  4. A 30 minute massage runs $35, not including tip. So my bonus thirty bucks won't entirely cover it, and it's not a full hour, so it's not that much to covet.

    There a massage/spa place that just opened this week across the street from The Closet - now that's where I'd like to have one, but they are too spendy.

    The most divine luxury ever? An ex arranged to have a massage therapist come to his home. I had a 90 minute massage and then trundled off to bed for a long, long nap. PURE.BLISS.

  5. Yes to the Massage and no to taxes! Isn't that the way it should work?

  6. Roxie, I haven't done my taxes yet ... from 2008!!!
    You just sparked me to do that NOW!

    Where should I send the cheque?

  7. I just like that the words "quickie" and "massage" were in the same sentence!

  8. Hey, what's your hurry on the taxes? You still had 2 whole days left! :-)

    After all that heavy-duty tax stuff, you definitely deserve a massage!


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