Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This I Believe

Okay, now that weeklong rollercoaster ride is over. I terminated my agreement with her. I handled myself with dignity. Although I was seething, I did not take the low road. I still have to decide how to handle the situation with The MerryNewlywed. Yea, accidents happen, but this woman wasn't even contrite. Oh well.

This was not in the cards for me at this time. I don't know why and I may never know exactly why. I did my part and my instincts about it being a great value were right on. So there is that. Perhaps the next time through the ringer will be less stressful and anxiety producing.

And Karen is absolutely right. I felt EXACTLY the same when pre-purchase of MalibuKen. I probably need to spend a little recovery time on this particular issue. Although I do know what's going on and I did choose to take action anyway, so there is that.

This I Believe: We do what we can and believe that things work out just the way they are supposed to, exactly when they are supposed to. I am really okay with this - it's almost comical! Who does this happen to? Seriously - I've always known I'm special ;-)

So to end this on a lighter note, I bring you BIRDS DO IT - a post from June 2009. For those who are new here, I used to live in a rural area with a big garden that I took pretty seriously.

But apparently the bees have stopped doing it. Or more precisely, have stopped doing it in the squash. Bick first reported the problem a few days ago. After snooping around the internets and watching some plant porn, it was deemed that I must boost the sex life of the summer squash. I am now acting as Viagra for Vegetables. I tried last night, but the squash were too tired and had a headache. Perhaps they prefer mornings?

So this morning, I put on my best push-up bra, my vacation panties, threw on my summer robe and my f*ck-me Crocs, snapped on some latex (gloves) and went out to entice the squash into reproducing. I did my best (bean) pole dance. We'll know if there was a happy ending in about three days. The things I do for organic produce. Sheesh.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Sometimes you just have to laugh.



  1. I LOVED that post! It was part of a very magical summer in Blogland.

    This should be good ... if THIS perfect little house wasn't the right one at this time just imagine the stunner you'll be matched up with next time!

    Regardless, that woman needs to have her license revoked or at the very least be reprimanded or fined or whatever they do to negligent REA's.

    Sleep tight, Roxie. Sweet dreams of perfect houses.

  2. Nice ending to a crappy day. Still think the RE agent needs to be disciplined for what she did, though.

  3. I had to laugh.
    And I have to admire your attitude.
    Hey! Nice attitude!

    And you topped my house-buying story.

    I found a house, rather like yours, made an offer, went to (very temporarily) borrow money from my 401k -- and was told that they would only approve the loan if my husband signed the papers as well. When I pointed out that I've never married, they said "well, do you have any documentation proving that?"

    Yeah, sometimes you have to laugh.

  4. Way to rock on. I do love that post! Thanks for the laugh - it was even better the second time :)

  5. Perhaps the next house will be perfecter. Maybe that realtor won't make the same mistake again. certainly not on your behalf, eh?

    I remember the summer of fornicating the flowers (sounds so dirty!) DOu you think that your area is suffering from that hive collapse syndrome?

    If the veggie viagara doesn't work, you'll have to switch over to the cucurbita cialis (more specific & longer lasting) although I don't know how anything could resist the f*ck me Crocs!

  6. Roxie, I'm sure you're ready to be done with it but at the very least I think you need to write a letter of complaint to whomever licenses realtors in your area and CC her broker and the local real estate association.

    Love that snippet you reposted, hilarious!

  7. My very favorite post EVER. Viagra for veggies....still smiling about that one.

    I am in awe of your attitude and the way you handled the situation. You kept a cool head. You're right, seriously, who does this happen to?? I told you my luck might be rubbing off on I really was the cock-eyed optimist, I really thought things would work out.

    You must have something very special waiting for you....who knows!

    I am so glad we are friends. Thank you for your example.

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