Tuesday, April 20, 2010

To What Lengths?

Well, now that's weird. About 3/4 of this post disappeared. Oh, well, probably for the best. There was a large whiny part. And then there was the interesting part on "default user settings". That disappeared as well.

"frankenfoods" on a pretty steady basis. All default settings.

I am changing things up a bit in an effort to bring my LDL numbers down and that experiment has been interesting. I've had steel cut oats a few mornings as a change of pace from the omelets and it didn't lead me directly into wanting oatmeal muffins! I've discovered what it seems that everyone else already knows - that a little Fage yogurt coupled with some blueberries, blackberries, raspberries or strawberries (and a pinch of Splenda) makes a satisfying and healthy snack. I'm eating a lot of fish and I think I may be sprouting gills!

Got my hair cut today and I HATE IT! Same guy as last time, but he did something very different and it's horrid. I'm hopeful that I will look less like the Little Dutch Boy tomorrow. Otherwise, I'm going back. Grrr.

I made my contribution for tomorrow's potluck and I think it's too spicy! Double Grr!

Okay, enough of this. I just need to get on with it. Time for a little meditative yoga.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Know your limits.



  1. I puffy heart steel cut oats (or any oats, really). Have you tried the custard type cooking in egg whites? Very, very good and the protein helps with the glycemic load.

  2. I second Lori's pumpkin oats. I made them and they're good. I also like oats cooked with chunks of apple. Sorry you don't like your haircut, I felt that way about my last color... waaa! Luckily it grows fast. Hope things turns your way tomorrow.

  3. I once got a two fer haircut...I paid 6 bucks and got a flip combined with a wedge....the flip came out underneath the wedge.
    It was as horrendous as it sounds.
    My mom said "curl it". You curl it enough and no one will be able to tell...the was bullsh*t.
    hope it grows out for you and good luck with your food experiments.

  4. I like the first line of what I assume was the original post. Frankenfoods as a default setting. Makes me think about what I've been eating for lunch lately. Frankenfoods. Time to jump out of the rut.

    No picture of the little dutch boy haircut? It'll grow, eventually.

  5. My last haircut wasn't my best either. Must be something in the air. Still, aggravating while waiting for it to grow out.

    The frankenfoods line has me so curious!

    P.S. I've noticed on your signature that your weight has been steadily dropping. Though you don't say a word, I'd like to say good job Roxie!

  6. I'm so behind on your blog! I started from the top and read down. So excited about your house!

    I'm still struggling with my hair and it's been two weeks. Biggest mistake going to a new person. Straight all one length hair to ridiculous layers. Not like mine either. Only consolation is that hair grows and it will grow back...for both of us!


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