Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bits and Bobs

Over the weekend, I also broke down and bought some "real" perfume. I'd been using body spray from this, that and the other gift set for nearly ever. I cannot remember the last time I actually went out looking. But my final gift set was getting low, so it was time. My new stuff smells yummy.

I finally broke out the PC Spritzer yesterday. I bought it over a year ago and had never used it. It was time to quit spending the money on Olive Oil Pam. Plus, less packaging. I've used it a couple of times and it works well. Cool!

I also had another bright idea yesterday. I cannot style my hair (round brush blowout) as well as I would like. And I certainly don't want to pay $30 (plus tip) to have my stylist do it. However, there is a beauty school in the area and for $8 (plus tip), I can get a shampoo and a style. Now there's something I can afford on ocassion. I'm going to check it out. They also have late evening appointments! Very cool - another sign of aging - I'm looking to get my hair "done" every week. Please pass the Geritol!

Did not make it to the gym last night. Stayed in and was snacky, instead. If I make one decision to go to the gym, I won't be faced will all those other snacky decisions. Make the easy decision, Rox. So today, I'll try to get in two walking sessions - lunch and after work. Although I need to go to the store, so my evening session may just be a walk to the store, which works as well.

As for the blues, well, I've still got them, but have a better handle on what's going on. I think it's just more grief processing - Bick, the house. I don't know that there is anyway to get around it. I think it's a requirement that I work through it. As for the house, well, I had a little more closure on it yesterday. TheMerryNewleywed (who recommended the realtor) finally mentioned something about it - I think she'd been actively avoiding me. We discussed the situation and we are going to be okay. And I did take a peek at the real estate ads yesterday. I didn't find anything that I liked, but I did see some things that weren't horrible, either. So that is progress and lead to some feelings of closure. Plus, while "my " house still has a for sale sign in the yard, it appears to be off the online sites. So it is indeed gone. As for Bick, well, getting to a final resolution there will not be without some hurt. It's time again to insert a bit of space, I think. Time for me to become busy with other things, other activities. And while he is doing well, it's still too soon to think that anything has really changed. I need to continue on with my mission. Focus.

I think I'll take some time within the next couple of weeks and head up to SE OK and rent a cabin on the river for a couple of days and just tromp around. Hmm, if I swap MalibuKen for Pebbles' Trixie then I can take the bike as well.

ETA: Just as soon as I hit the post button, I found this article from ZenHabits. Very appropriate for today.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Discover (tm) - anne h.



  1. I'd love to hear how your spritzer ultimately does. I got one of those years ago when they first came out with them and it clogged constantly. Driving me back to Pam.

    Glad you're processing and isn't it just like Karma/God/Whomever to bless you with that article...

  2. I just broke down and bought new fragrances too. I got Euphoria by Calvin Klein and Angel by Thierry Mugler. They are both devine!

  3. I had the same problem with my spritzer thingy as Helen mentioned. I still have it though and in honor of You, I'll give it another shot, so to speak. :D

    I just subscribed to that link's email. Thanks for that. I think I'm terminally attached to outcomes.

    Roxie, I wish with all my heart that I could spread happy all over you and make everything ok in your heart. But I guess that's me trying to control things again. :D

    I wear Lacoste and Goddess. I might try Katie J's Euphoria ... I usually like Calvin Klein perfumes.

    Walk confidently in those kitten heels! Know how much you affect others with your goodness!

  4. well, I hope you feel better. And I think getting your hair 'done' is an awesome Idea...I may end up doing that eventually.
    No geritol needed lol.
    A cabin sounds wonderful about now.
    have a great time

  5. Roxie-
    I have only been following your blog for a week or so. From what I have read, you are a very sweet and sensitive person. We all have our moments, though, huh?

    The whole house issue can and is a pain in the backside. But, all things work out for the best.

    As a new practioner of Zen, I understand all too well attachment. Never did I realize how much I hold onto the things that ultimately don't matter. So, stay strong. Also, thank you for the link. I need all the encouragement I can get these days.


  6. I need a PC Spritzer! The spray bottle I had leaked everywhere. Gah!

    Glad you are healing and finding closure. The answers you seek lie ahead of you. Tend to yourself and your life will happen as it should. :) I am better at giving that advice than following.

  7. Can you put your new perfume inside your spritzer?

    As much as we want to skirt the grief issue, I think we always have to trudge straight through.

  8. Now see, POD and I are on a similar wavelength - somehow I thought the perfume was going to end up inside of the spritzer!

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  10. "Discovery" belongs to all of us!
    But thanks for the mention!

    I am discovering new things even as I write this comment in the wee hours of the morning....
    Some things I cannot control - no matter how much I want with all of my heart for things to be ok!

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