Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blame It On The Rain

Looks to be a rainy, rainy weekend, so most of my plans have changed. Lord knows they changed yesterday. The rain started coming down in buckets yesterday so even the back up lunch plan needed backup. Unfortunately, it was either leftover donuts that someone had brought in as a treat for breakfast or the dreaded vending machine lunch. I succumbed (several times) to the call of the coin clink. One granola bar, one pack of snack crackers and one package of trail mix later, I was still unsatisfied but had consumed nearly 600 calories. Oh well. Came home and had roasted broccoli and grilled salmon for dinner. I did hit the gym for another treadmill session and did so again this morning.

Today's plans include riding the train over to see Pebbles and to go to the aquarium. I'm unsure of what I will do this evening - perhaps chain myself down to a chair and force myself to read an actual book. I'm still having trouble concentrating.

Sunday's plans have changed as well. I have no desire to wade through the mud or sit out in the rain to watch kites, boats or lanterns so that's off the table. I did see three houses in the area I am interested in are having an open house, so I think I'll check it out. While these homes are out of my price range, becoming more familiar with what's available will help me. I'm really beginning my realtor search more than anything. So that's the plan for Sunday. Unless it starts to snow.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Sometimes you need a Plan C.



  1. I love reading your blog! Keep writing!

  2. This rain is crazy! I fear I will end up staying inside and (ack) cleaning my house! Hope you can get out and see some houses - you never know, by talking to the realtor, they may have some other hidden gems!

  3. Next time you need a lunch - call me - I'll dress up as a delivery person and bring you something yummy!
    And no, not an Atkins bar! Unless you want one - then I'll bring that, too! Marginally better than a vending machine....
    Open houses are fun, too. I love the Little Forest HIlls area around White Rock Lake. Eclectic and too-cute!

  4. Thankfully I think our Seattle rainy season is over for a few months. Finally some sunshine. Of course I'm in the house reading blogs. Really should be outside.

    Or, heaven forbid, reading a book if I'm going to stay inside! Like you, my concentration seems to be shot these days. Can't seem to focus on actually reading a paragraph and retaining what I just read. Not sure what that's all about.

  5. I love going to open houses, esp. when the houses are still furnished and nicely staged. Good ideas to be had.

    I love roasted broccoli. I've just started roasting a big pan of it every Sunday to take with lunch for the week. I also put in onion and gobs of fresh rough chopped garlic. Heavenly.

  6. All that rain made it to Houston, too. My yard was so dry that there isn't any standing water - not even in the back 40! The open house thing sounds like fun. Have a great week, Roxie.


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