Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bon Voyage

My Saturday serving as the cultural ambassador to Cowtown is over. What a lovely day we had. My Sarkozy-sized guest was a very kind, very gentle young man who appeared genuinely grateful for every kindness shown him. He has been living/traveling/volunteering in Canada since September. He just purchased a 60 day bus pass ($550) and is seeing the USA. He will return to Canada later in the summer revisit a meditation retreat - 10 days, 10 hours of meditation per day, complete silence for ten days! He will return to France in September with the intention of earning some money and then setting his sites on utilizing his bio-technology degree in humanitarian efforts. Very interesting young man.

He seemed to really enjoy seeing and hearing about Fort Worth. He was, however, just enchanted by Big Pickups! We went to the horseshow and I could hardly get him out of the parking lot! This, I never expected. It was quite charming. He would go from one to the next, declaring it to be the biggest and most beautiful. And I would have to take his picture in front of it! If you've never been to a horse/cattle event and seen these puppies lined up, they really are something to see. He will have some stories to tell, for sure. He loved the horse show, as well. He couldn't believe that such beauty and pageantry was open and free to the public to just come in and watch. The particular even that we watched really was like the evening gown competition on horseback, complete with the Swarovski crystal-encrusted outfits. He was quite taken with it all.

He also liked "The Ambling Of The Bulls" tm Shelley. But he was especially enamored of the bikers! Northside always draws the Harley crowd, complete with the interesting beard accoutrements - and Guillaume had never seen the like. Imagine a diminutive Frenchman, upon seeing the bikes, beards and biker babes, avowing "Oh, the tattoos! Incredible!" It was quite fun.

Guillaume insisted on cooking dinner, so we went to Central Market to pick up supplies. He LOVED snacking through Central Market and he fixed the most wonderful rice and vegetable stirfry. I was watching him do it and had very low expectations, as to taste, but it was, as he would say, "Incredible!" Pebbles and Slater came over to join us and we had a fun evening, laughing and talking.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience. I'm glad I did it. And I will probably host again.

I did not get my marshmallows made yesterday, so I'm up to do that this morning. If I don't update my blog in the next couple of days, it's because I'm stuck to the kitchen counter. Please call someone.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Au Revoir.



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  2. What a fun day! Isn't a cool that you do something outside your normal comfort zone and are rewarded with an experience like this one.

    Roxie, you inspire me.

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  4. Roxie, you are just awesome. It sounds like a great experience for you both. You are an inspiration.

  5. Cowtown is "the" place to be!

  6. The pickup truck thing: if Mr. Helen hadn't been home with me this weekend I would have wondered if he hadn't changed his hame to Guillame and ambled down your way!

    I'm glad this was such a good experience for you Roxie. It's nice to see you having some fun.

  7. That does sound like an amazing experience for Guillaume - and for you, to see it all through his eyes!
    I can't even picture an evening gown competition on horseback, but it sounds fantastic!
    Have you managed to stick yourself to the counter yet??

  8. That is hilarious about the pick up trucks - something that I don't even notice, but yeah, there are tons of gigantic trucks everywhere you turn in Texas!

    Glad he got to experience the bull amble, lol.


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