Thursday, May 20, 2010

Holy Frijoles!

I am so looking forward to both my breakfast and my lunch! I thawed out some of the sweet potato/black bean chili that I made a while ago. I spooned some of it into my eggs as an omelet filling this morning. The remainder, I will nuke for lunch and pour over the big ass container of spinach that I brought. I was kind of scrounging around for something to bring, as I've managed to deplete my veg supply too early in the week! But I am happy with this freezer treasure. I'd actually forgot that it was in there. And given that I will be eating back-to-back bean meals, it's probably a good thing that Guillaume will be delayed a day! So my turn as tour guide starts on Saturday, which probably works out better, anyway. He decided to stay another day in NOLA, and really, who wouldn't?

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Stay downwind. ETA: Upwind. Always Upwind.



  1. Is it my imagination, or are your numbers going steadily down.....

  2. and as per jack's post today, please don't go running!

  3. hee hee. love beans in all their glory ;-)
    The omelet idea sounds great, that never would have occurred to me! I don't have any at the moment, but next time I make it I think I'll give that a go! It reminds me that I keep meaning to make spaghetti so I can deliberately make extra to try that in an omelet too!

  4. A French guy wanting to stay in NOLA another day? Go figure! But it IS such a fun city . . .

    I do love me some beans too, any legume really, but it's GOT to be in moderation.

    I do like the sound of that chili too. Had you posted or linked the recipe last time you mentioned it?

  5. My kids call mine the Purple Haze. Nice kids, right? I think they bought me beano one year for Christmas.

    Chili sounds yummy.

  6. Yes, what a way to greet the frenchman, all gassy and such!

  7. That black bean/sw potato combo sounds amazing. Recipe anywhere? I always laugh when fart humor enters any discussion. Ahhh, the universality of flatulence.


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