Monday, May 10, 2010

Nose? Meet Grindstone

It is Monday and back to a more comforting routine. Boy, I can tell I am getting old, as I do find peace, comfort and stability when I can stick pretty close to the middle of the road and the bus.

I was planning to go off on Lori's limb this week sometime to try the custard steel cut oats. However, I didn't read the ingredient list very well at Costco this week. Yea, I'm now shopping at Costco for ONE. But with as much organic baby spinach, fresh broccoli and mushrooms that I go through, it just makes sense. And I found they sell egg whites. Turns out, it's the Costco version of Eggbeaters. And I don't know how that will work with the oats. Anyone? I think with the added salt and spices, it won't. Oh, well. There ARE egg whites only products that I can buy. And perhaps the Costco quantities aren't the right purchase for some untried breakfast plan.

Other than that, it's just a Monday. I'm a little blue for reasons that I can't quite put my finger on so I plan to deal with that in some healthy way. It's not anything major but I'm just not up to snuff. On a looking forward note, Pebbles is planning a day of fun next Saturday, plus I'm going to see this on Thursday, which may just be the story of my life set to music.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Keep It Fresh.



  1. I'm having an off Monday too. Just not myself today.

    The Great American Trailer Park Musical!? Sounds hysterical!

    Custard oatmeal. Oh my gosh that sounds good. Hope it turns out good and you'll post the recipe.

    And I LOVE my Costco. We're a family of two but shop there almost every week. Can't beat some of their prices, plus the produce is always fresh and nice.

  2. My word verification is "mockst" but I will try to refrain from doing so here. lol

    I LOVE Costco!!! Ours has just the plain egg whites, nothing added. I buy most of my groceries there ... the frozen section is my friend for veggies, fruit and fish. And I hear ya on the bags of spinach and mushrooms. I'm going there right now as a matter of fact and hoping they have fresh asparagus.

    Hope your mood lifts and you can figure out if anything needs adjusting.

  3. Somes days are just off. As long as it doesn't drag on, I think it's OK. Surely it won't last the whole week. I lived in a trailer park for a few years growing up - I think I'd like to see that musical!

  4. Oh...trailer trash set music?? Where do I sign up?

    I hate when I'm feeling off. Especially when it's nothing pin point that I can fix in a flash.

    Oh boy, do I know that creature of habit! I am her. It does have something to do with age.....and maybe

    Hope this finds you feeling alittle better.

  5. Egg beater product should work fine in the custard oats. I just use egg whites because that is what we have, but other people use whole eggs.

    We tried BJ wholesale, and it was fun - but I don't need a 5 pound box of cereal and 20 pounds of apples for 2 people LOL!

  6. I love Costco but it's a little too far in either direction, which is probably good. It has so much better stuff than my local BJs.

    That musical sounds HI-larious! Will look forward to your esteemed review.

    Who'da thunk that I'm actually having an up Monday?! They usually get me down (thank you Carpenters).

  7. Shoot, it's only the two of us and we shop at Sam's Club every week - fresh fruit and veggies, bread, milk...usually we have the healthiest cart in line, lol! I wish we had a Costco nearby, though...used to love shopping there when we lived in California.

    The musical sounds great! Hope your day has improved by now.

  8. Conveniently enough, my X lived near the closest Costco so I don't have to shop there and sort of refuse to shop there. In fact, I go to the complete opposite of his diet since he had the Costco diet. I shop at the fruit & vege stand, TJs and a few other small local places.
    I still have steel cut oats and once made a pumpkin blend. I made up my own recipe. YUM on that!
    Keeping it canned.
    Happy Mother's day!

  9. I love the custard style oats (and Costco). They take more time but they're a treat.

  10. Hope your day was a mood-lifter. That musical sounds hysterical! Can't wait to hear about it.

    Lot's of hugs to you, girlie girl.

  11. Love Sam's ... got some fresh asparagus there yesterday! Cool musical, too!
    I am going to see Wicked AND Avenue Q this summer!
    Love Big D!


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