Monday, May 17, 2010

Nothing Compares To You

I can say for certain that the Open House idea was not good. Nothing even came close to what I had. So this venture was more like salt to the wound. I did, however, find a realtor that at least liked. Don't know if she's a decent realtor - she's a reformed artist - she might be a total flake! But we shared a few laughs during my tour of the house she was showing.

And about open houses - Home Owners, do you not watch HGTV? Get that crap out of the house. I'd like to see the house and not your years of accumulation! Seriously, I mean it's one thing to put a house that you are living in on the market and have it be shown, but an open house? My word.

And I did learn that it's not what you've got but how it's put together. I went downtown to look at some high rise condos (think the bank building that the tornado got ten years back). I looked at a condo that was 925 sq feet compared to The Closet's 604. For usable, livable space, The Closet won hands down. Even with the spectacular views, it was so strangely laid out as to become unusable. So I guess that is another "win" - I know I don't want to live there. Of course, I sort of knew that already. Mostly that was a lookilu trip.

Managed to work in six miles yesterday and I'm a little ouchy today because of it.

Saturday was wonderful - I rode the train to Dallas and back, which was as efficient and easy as could be. On my way back, I got on the train at 4:07 and headed up the elevator to The Closet at straight up 5pm and that's with a bus transfer! Just wonderful. And speaking of wonderful, the aquarium was just delightful. We spent several hours going through the exhibits - much more than fish. Their marketing department does a poor job letting people know what is there. I had low expectations, and while it wasn't the aquarium at NOLA, it was still quite nice.

Lunch on Saturday was at my favorite Greek cafe followed by taro (I know) flavored yogurt at this amazing yogurt place that Pebbles knew about. Basically it's self-serve - they have about 12 different flavors loaded into machines and then you go through this amazing topping bar. Every since TCBY went out of business here, I've let go of the frozen yogurt, but this place Yummilicious was the name, maybe? was fabu.

I've got to get around here and find my iPod. The busdriver on my return home trip is getting far too friendly. It's not like I am trying to engage him, but reading a book doesn't deter him. Perhaps reading a book, listening to an iPod and generally ignoring him will. I love my bus rides and I don't want to be uncomfortable. Darn it.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Clear out your clutter.



  1. The house we bought definitely had been staged for the Open House. I learned a lot from that. I hate vending machine days. Don't happen often but you are right, they are very unsatisfying. At least you righted your course. The yogurt place sounds divine.

  2. It totally amazes me at people who put their homes on the market and don't get it ready to show. And shame on their selling agent for not getting them up to snuff!

    Ahhhh frozen yogurt. Good stuff. I don't know what I would do with a place that was self serve, other than position myself under the yogurt machine with mouth open....

  3. I had to google taro. I've never heard of taro flavored yogurt. Is it regional?

    I work with a couple of people like the bus driver. They just like talking way too much to be deterred. :D
    Hope the iPod works.

    There are huge houses here that are nothing but huge hallways and vestibules and 20' ceilings. What's the saying? All hat and no cowboy.

  4. I laughed at your post. I'm an HGTV addict and so have become clued in on the importance of staging. In fact, so clued in that the thought of ever putting a house on the market fills me with fear! I know you have to get it looking good.

    What the hell flavor is Taro? I thought it was a root from Hawaii.

    Hope you find the nest of your dreams sooner than later. And I hope it isn't in a highrise, because I'm elevator phobic!

  5. A Reformed Artist? Is that possible?

    I remember that tornado - it took out an office where my notes were on file, and I didn't get paid for 6 months. But when I finally did, it was a doosey!

  6. Isn't taro what they use to make poi? Twelve flavors and that's what you choose? Ah, you know I'm just kidding...:)

    I'm shocked in this day and age that there would be open houses not staged to perfection!

  7. I'm a new reader..I lived in a 505 sq foot studio apartment when I was in my 20's. It was interesting. I created a sleeping alcove for my bed made of book shelves and chester drawers that faced out in to the "living room". I really liked that little alcove, but I do like my space now. Do not settle when it comes to finding home.

  8. I know how to stage my garbage!
    There'd not be complaint one from any lookielou.

    I'm for the ipod but I'm also for snubbing. Can't you stick your nose in the air? I have a friend who claims she simply doesn't *see* those (kinds of) people. By "those kinds of people" (which is not even good grammar) I mean, anyone out in the public trying to get her attention.
    Can you sit in the back of the bus?

  9. It's amazing how they lay homes out - only one room with cable / internet. What? What is that? Dinky closets & huge rooms. I'd rather have a larger closet and smaller room. I love having all the crap someplace where I can just shut the door and not see it. Bonus, more closet space makes it easier to organize.

    Good luck on deterring the busdriver.


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