Monday, May 17, 2010

Reminder: It All Works Out For The Best

Bonus post. My Monday got off to a wonderful start. I was standing at my bus stop this morning looking off to the west when all of a sudden, my bus came into my line of vision. Which means, it was driving right passed me. Just passed me right up standing there at the bus stop. Didn't hit the brakes, just kept on trucking. I just sort of stood there, not believing what had happened. BTW, the evening busdriver is the friendly one. So I had to turn around and walk back home, get in the car and drive to work!

And then I went to a funeral.

And then I went to the gym. Except that on Friday it had started to rain so hard that I wore my workout clothes back to the office from the gym and wrapped by work clothes up in towels, since I failed to bring an umbrella. That worked well, except that I forgot to replace them, so I got to the gym and had no workout clothes.

I looked up the yogurt place and this is the yogurt-heaven. I wouldn't have tried taro on my own, but Pebbles said it was yummy and she was right. So was the avocado that I sampled. I've only heard of taro as the main ingredient in poi, which every says is all kinds of ungood. Trust me, taro flavored fro-yo is DEEVINE.

Now for the working out bit. Cut to this afternoon. At straight up 5pm, the bottom fell out of the skies and a Texas-sized cats and dog rain torrent started. Luckily for me, because I drove today, I didn't have to 1. stand in the rain and wait for Mr. Friendly and the bus and 2. walk home from the bus stop in the driving rain.

More on the bus situation - I do sit at the back of the bus and I don't engage. I only respond in mono-syllables, but this guy does not pick up on the "I'm not interested" signals. There's a big fail in the ability to recognize social cues going on here. I do not feel unsafe, I just don't want this kind of attention. The bus service schedule changes next week, so it may be that this problem goes away on it's one. In the meantime, it will be the iPod and moving to seat that doesn't face forward, but instead, to the side. I can handle a greeting and a good-bye. I just don't want to have to be rude nor do I want to hurt feelings.


  1. How funny. And you're right - everything will work out, as long as we give it enough time.

    That said, avocado fro yo? I don't think I could even make myself taste it!

  2. I was mesmerized by the banner at Yummylicious. Now I want some.

    Funny how things turn out, eh? Silver linings and all that.

    You're just too irresistable, Roxie! He can't help himself. Or maybe he thinks he is. :)
    Hope he gets the sideways hint.

  3. The title to your post says it all....
    It All Works Out for The Best....
    Even if you don't think so at the time.

    my word verification is "luves!"
    *a sigh of relief*

  4. Love your bonus post. So true that it all works out even if we don't see it it the midst of frustration. Just saw a Pie Challenge on Food Network wherein one of the entries was an Avocado Pie. I think it placed actually.


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