Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Skirt Alert

Well now, there's a great picture of my toothbrush holder and matching drinking glass, my new jar of Tums and a piss-poor picture of my new dress! At one time I knew how to turn off the flash, but in my haste to catch the bus, I couldn't remember this morning.

Today is promising to be a better day. It is, however, a very windy one. Probably not the day to wear a dress that "swings". Good thing I'm wearing the world's best panties that stay where you put them. While this dress isn't short, it is a skosh above the knee and it feels rather daring! Anyway, I was disappointed to look down (after I got to work) to see that I'd chipped my toe nail polish after this weekend's home pedicure. Ah, well. What are you going to do?

Walked to the store last evening to do my shopping. I need to remember that I am not Chrissie and am not used to taking long jaunts in for more serious shopping. I should have brought my backpack instead of my eco-friendly shopping bag. I ended up buying too much stuff (canned tomatoes, etc ) and it was far too heavy to carry comfortably. Next time, I'll bring a "rucksack" :-)

Also did some journaling regarding my mood as of late. Got really honest with myself and got a bit of clarity on a few things, and thus, feel better. I do need to remember that when I'm most "in the feelings" is probably when I'm being most reactive. And if I recognize it and can get to the bottom of what's triggering or causing such a reaction, then I have the opportunity for growth and understanding. Feeling blue isn't a bad thing. Feelings like I was experiencing are just signs that I have some more work to do. I am grateful that I chose to deal with them rather than ignoring, numbing or glossing over.

Plans for the rest of the week include lunchtime workouts, gym tonight, musical tomorrow and another potluck gathering on Friday where I won't really know a soul. Saturday brings a fun day with Pebbles. I've decided to ride the train over to see her and I think we are going either to the zoo or the aquarium, plus a picnic. Sunday is still undecided. I'm thinking about logging some miles on the bike, which means an early start and missing meditation/church. Or I may do the church thing and then head out of town. There's a little town about an hour and half away that supposedly serves the state's best chicken fried steak! So my choices are to clean out my arteries by getting in a long bike ride or clogging them right up with a CFS from Mary's. Decisions, decisions. Or I might do something completely different.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get back into the swing of things.



  1. Love the dress even if we can't see the whole thing! You look so slender - and fashionable. When I lived overseas without a car I always walked the 2+ miles to the grocery and took a taxi home. There's only so much weight one can carry. That goes for figurative weight too.

  2. The dress is lovely, and really suits you - as Helen said, you do look really slender (love that word - it sounds so much more glamorous than just saying 'slim' to me!)
    I can't carry my serious shopping any other way than in a rucksack either - it makes all the difference in the world to have the weight distributed across the back more evenly!
    Saturday sounds great, I love aquariums myself, the fish always seem so peaceful and oblivious to me gawping at them!
    Maybe you should cycle to the chicken fried steak - if you managed to get there before closing you would definitely have earned it!!! ;-)

  3. Sounds like some great plans for the coming days. I wish I could join you on the bike ride and the chicken fried steak!

    By the way, you look fabulous in that dress!

  4. Seriously.... I thought I commented yesterday.

    I love how you get to the bottom of things by self reflection and honesty. I really do think we already have the answers to our problems, we just need to dig deep sometimes. There is ALWAYS more work to do. No matter how far we think we come. Great reminder.

    I can relate to the REACTIVE thing. When I am run by my impluses and feeling, I find that I am in dis-ease.

    Sounds like you've got a good plan for the rest of your week. Wish I could have seen the dress better. But I do love your

    Have a great day....and a big hug to you my Friend!

  5. "piss-poor" ... my dad always said that. I like it.

    You look fantastic. I love the style of that dress, too.

    ditto what Dana said. :D

    And Chrissie has a great solution.

    my word ver. is "moshie" and I looked it up ...
    Moshie Is a common term to describe hyper, anxious, and ridiculously stubbon.
    I get the greatest word ver.'s!

    Hope you swing from the stars!

  6. You look gorgeous in that dress - what a figure you have!!!

    Back when I was dating my husband we used to walk to the grocery store - a couple of hilly miles, buy heavy groceries and lug them that was a workout! I'd do the "rucksack" today (but still buy lighter things, lol).

  7. Ditton on what everyone has said about the dress. Very cute, and you look great in it.

    I've done the walking to the store and getting enough stuff to have me cursing for the way back. A backpack is the way to go for me.

    Love your self reflection as a tool for peaceful living. Almost like a 10th steop, and essential for my well being too!

  8. A knee-jerk reaction....
    Yes....I am working on my "Low Frustration Tolerance" Issues, as well. And "Impulse Control."
    Half the time when I'm reacting it it just a reference from the PAST that isn't even true today!
    BTW, you do look great!
    Wicked and Ave Q are both in Dallas this summer!
    I've already had my tickets for a good while now.
    Love musicals! Have a great re-treat!

  9. Very cute dress.

    Self reflection is something we dont' do enough of, don't you think?

  10. I think there's a bicycle meditation you can do. Unless bicycling and meditation together are redundant.

  11. OMG in 5 minutes of reading you have become my new FAVE blog! ... honesty, and sage wisdom and relate-abailty = awesomeness.. plus you talk fashion!
    i will be back to peruse the archives soon.

  12. Love the dress - it looks great on you.
    I used to walk every where and often would buy more than I could comfortably carry. Still managed with frequent stops.
    Journaling is my best friend. I have tons of books, I write all the time. Really helps me. Hence my blog!

  13. You look so tiny! Your waist is really small. Cute dress AND hair.


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