Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sleepytown: Population Me

Spent a late night at the office last night. Got back to The Closet at about 1 am - wired from working late and unable to fall asleep immediately. So today, I'm dragging butt, for sure.

The bossman brought in dinner, which was nice - Tex-Mex, which was also nice. There were no pescatarian choices available, so I settled for the grilled chicken salad. It was quite good. But along with that came my nemesis - Salty, Crunchy, Carby - CHIPS! The good news is that each of us got our own hot sauce/salsa/pico de gallo/whatever you call it where you are! YAY! I could then double dip my ten chips to my heart's content and enjoy the salsa by the scoopful!

Next week things should quiet back down to a dull roar at work. I've got no plans for the weekend, save trying to see my Mom sometime. Pebbles is going to OK to visit Slater's parents for the holiday. And no, I am NOT keeping the dog. She doesn't have to be with me on Mother's Day, but she doesn't have to punish me by asking me to keep the dog :-)

Yoga is on tap for today and I may just lay down on the mat and take a nap instead of saluting the sun or any other thing.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Dip 'Em if you got 'Em.



  1. I regularly take a nap on my mat, but it's usually after the workout. Wonder if the yoga people would notice if you did it during?

    P.S. My tire pics are up!

  2. I was just contemplating laying down on my office floor to take a nap. Must be going around today.

  3. I was dragging yesterday from lack of sleep. Took the day off. Will let the pilates women kick my ass today.

    Good luck. A nap may do your body better than a workout in that state. :)

  4. You having a rough week, too? Well, at least they fed you well. I came home today and changed clothes, laid across the bed to cool off and slept for 25 minutes. I never do that, but it felt fantastic.

    Hope next week is smooth sailing.


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