Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Sun Has Ris' And The Sun Has Set

and here I is, in Texas yet.

I'm home. Eight and one half hours, door to door. Amazing I35 karma - cruise control most of the way there and back. I've never had so smooth a trip.

There were some lovely parts of the trip. Every morning, I took the dog and drove out to South Padre Island and walked the beach for a couple of hours. It wasn't crowded and it was just lovely. I'd never been to SPI. It was not lovely, however, to have to come back and bathe the dog. She's a real trooper, but by the third day, she was getting a bit tired of the baths. By the time we'd get back, get her cleaned up, get the sand out of the truck and me cleaned up, it would be time for Bick's return. We went to the coast so that Bick could be with a friend who is going through some rough stuff. We'd then head out the door to dinner and kick around a bit. We arrived on Tuesday and left on Saturday, today.

Too much restaurant food, not enough exercise, save the beachcombing and I indulged with Bick in his ice cream habit. So right now I've got a food and a bit of an emotional hangover happening. Bick and I do so damned well together which makes this all the more sad. He's settling in to sober and it's working well for him. He's much more "zen" about everything. This was a trying week for him, but he appeared to handle it very well. And I miss him. Which is not the end of the world and it won't kill me and it doesn't change a damn thing. I just need to stay in today, without expectations. Tomorrow will bring what tomorrow will bring. I'm right where I need to be right now, doing the work I need to be doing. By Tuesday, I'll be back into my routine that nourishes me, body and soul. Feeling this way isn't a bad thing. It isn't something to be diminished. It's something to be learned from and felt. This is a part of being human. I am happy that I can name it. I'm having a "want" and once I name it, the feeling is identifiable and it loses its' ability to make me act based upon it.

Actually, tomorrow will bring the child of a coworker's wedding. And a day to get back on track. My plan includes meditation/church, a trip to the grocery store, some exercise, laundry and attending the wedding. On Monday, I'm thinking about an early morning bike ride. Oh, and I've named/renamed my bike - her name is Clementine "Cha Cha" Peddleford.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Set your cruise control.



  1. As in "Oh, my darling....Clementine!"

    It's good to feel the feelings without diminishing them.

    Glad you are back safe and sound!

  2. I finally went to SPI a few years ago and I'm a native Texan. I loved it. Glad to hear you had a good time and a safe trip back!

    Love the new bike name. Nellie is going to have a complex now since she doesn't have a full name, lol.

  3. You are just about the coolest chick I know.

    Cha cha ... you'll be dancing on 2 wheels.

  4. I missed ya.

    It's a good thing you are doing givig Bick the time he needs to do his soberity thing. I really do hope it works for you two crazy kids.

    Sounds like you have a nice 2 days ahead of you....enjoy!

  5. Glad you had a good trip - I've never been to the Texas coast and I've lived here nearly 18 years...worth the trip?

    Sounds like Bick is doing well - good for him. :)


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