Monday, June 21, 2010

“And no one thought to stop her.”

My darling sister, my darling daughter and I were sitting at the fabu pizza place in Dallas on Friday when Pebbles noticed my “sports injury”. My shirt sleeve had crept up, revealing the edge of the Ace bandage. Luckily, the pantiliner was staying put. Those wing thingies cling to the elastic wrap really well! My sister knew what had happened and had laughed her butt off, both at the story and at my chosen method of bandaging it up. I actually did buy proper Band-Aid brand bandages, but they were still too small and did not have enough flexibility to properly cover the wounded area, so I stuck with the pantiliner.

Cut back to the pizza joint…

“What the hell happened to your arm?”

Sister said, “Ya, tell her what happened to your arm!”

I launched into my story about crossing the railroad tracks and trying to teach myself to jump curbs and not having enough speed and momentum to clear the track, catching the tire and going off the high side.

Sister added, “Now tell her what’s under there!”

So I told the story of the pantiliner, Neosporin and the Ace Bandage.

“Mother, you are going to kill yourself!”

“Yes, but she will be amusing in the process.”

“I guess I can have that engraved on her urn = She was amusing in the process. And no one thought to stop her.”

Weekend was good. Another shorter ride on Saturday – it was later in the day that normal, so I just stayed in the park and just rode around the loop, the roads and the parking lots. I’m going to call those kinds of rides a “doodle”, as I just sort of doodled my way through an hour plus ride. It was wonderful. I saw a bunch of people getting kayak lessons on the river and that looked really cool. It was a good day.

Headed up to Bick’s to see how his day went. Turned out about as well as could be expected. She was released on PR, which is odd given that she was also charged with a failure to appear. A $50 speeding ticket has now morphed into fines totaling $880. Sigh. He did not pay her fines, but did spring for the $120 to get her car out. She will have to go back before the jp and work out a payment plan. While he was obviously irritated/disappointed, my understanding is that he handled himself well. Powerless over people and all that.

Sister is off in Dallas this morning for jury duty. The hilarious text messages have stopped, so I am assuming she in some sort of session.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Civics matters.



  1. So spill! Um, I mean share the secret. How do people manage to jump their bikes up the curb?

  2. Roxie, you're the best. Thanks for extending grace to me regarding my delinquent giveaway practices.

    I LOVE your bandaging story and the inscription for your urn. I'm taking it that Pebbles was the one who came up with it? Very funny and a little snarky, which is how my whole family is!

  3. You could be the spokeswoman for Always - "Pantiliners - they're not just good for know" - LOL.

    Glad you sister made it to jury duty ok, and that Sandy is out of the slammer...funny juxtaposition there!

  4. "And no one thought to stop her."

    As if they could! :)

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  6. You should become a spokeswoman for Always as a side job, you know :D

    I do not have the nerve to jump curbs going up, only down.

    I am so glad you are enjoying your rides!

  7. "have a happy curb jump". :D

    How cool are you to even try!

  8. I love your McGyver-ness! This totally cracked me up. You all sound like you have such good times.

    Like Karen said - how awesome that you tried to jump a curb?!! Hope your road rash heals fast :)

  9. I hear that they make places where you can ride your bike onto the sidewalk where it slopes down to the road.
    Sorry you hurt yourself.
    I have no idea how to hop a curb unless it's in a car.
    And that's frowned upon.

  10. My hub and I used to go on lots of bike rides. Spills are almost inevitable. His worst was when he went off the road into a patch of nettles. Ugh. My worst was when I lost focus and fell and then slid half a block on my arm and ended up with a raspberry that covered the whole underside of my arm. OUCH. Never have I had so much pain, I was lucky I had pain pills left over from a dental procedure.

    Then there are the inevitable fire department aid stories of car vs. bike...usually the car wins.

    So...the moral of the story joke about killing yourself, but please be careful. We would hate to lose you!!!


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